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    Available from Garmin

    This one rocks, I've been running the beta for a while and love it. Here is a list of fixes from their site:

    • Updated the default document format to the new GDB version 2 format.
    • Due to the availability of the Garmin nRoute application, no changes were made to the MapSource GPS tracking functionality.
    • Provided the capability for the user to define up to 64 custom waypoint symbols.
    • Added the capability to import GPX documents that use both versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the GPX schema and export GPX documents using version 1.1 of the schema.
    • Added the ability to batch-edit certain properties of user waypoints.
    • Added the ability to open GDB vers. 1, GDB vers. 2, MPS, GPX vers. 1.0, GPX vers. 1.1, and PCX5 documents using the “Open…” command in the “File” menu. Added the ability to save data to GDB version 1, GDB version 2, MPS, tab-delimited text, DXF, and GPX vers. 1.1 documents using the “Save As…” command in the “File” menu. Removed the “Import…” and “Export…” commands from the “File” menu.
    • Simplified the selection of symbols in the Waypoint Properties dialog.
    • Added the capability to do online software updates for non-Asian versions of MapSource.
    • Provided a right-click context menu available from the main MapSource window for showing and hiding of the MapSource toolbars. In previous versions, this could only be accomplished from the View menu.
    • Made some modifications to the Route Properties dialog to simplify the user experience. MapSource now disables the “Insert Waypoints” button when there are no waypoints in the active document, and disables the “Show on Map” when the route is empty. It is also now possible to insert multiple via points into the route in a single insert.
    • Added the capability for users to create a route by selecting one or more waypoints in the list on the waypoints tab and then selecting the appropriate menu option from the right-click context menu.
    • Added technology to allow for address searching in Asian map products.
    • Moved the capability to adjust map detail from the preferences to the view menu/toolbar and removed the map detail slider control from the display tab of the preferences property sheet.
    • Added the Icelandic Grid (ISN93).
    • Added visual feedback on the vertical route profile so that the user knows the exact altitude and distance for a point they click on the graph. Also added the capability to select a second arbitrary point on the graph and determine the altitude and distance changes between the two points.
    • Added new auto-routing configuration option to avoid carpool lanes, if desired. Note that this feature is not supported in all map products.
    • Changed the “OK” button to a “Close” button on non-editable properties dialogs (such as the tide prediction dialog) to decrease user confusion about how to exit the dialog.
    • Added the capability for a user to be able to automatically select all the maps adjacent to a route, track, or waypoint.
    • Modified drawing code so that the map labels are now drawn on top of GPS data like routes and tracks, but still appear below waypoint labels and the find results marker.
    • Added direction arrows on selected routes so that it is easier for users to discern which direction a selected route is going.
    • Lowered the minimum speed on the routing properties page to allow the use of more realistic speeds for generating routes using alternate vehicles such as pedestrians and bicycles. Also raised the maximum speed to allow more flexibility for the user in route planning.
    • Added category & subcategory classifications to property pages for map features. This was done to help users better understand the classification scheme and be able to use it in feature finds.
    • Added ability to zoom in on sections of a route profile.
    • Reorganized categories used by the find places and find nearest dialogs to make finding items more intuitive.
    • Added a reset button to clear the search parameter fields on the find dialog.
    • Changed the help menu commands. We now have the command “MapSource help” which replaces the two commands “Contents” and “Index…” for accessing the MapSource help file. This was necessary due to changes made by Microsoft in the behavior of some system help file functions.
    • Modified the context menu that a user gets when he clicks on the map window to have the following behaviors: A context menu in the map window will only apply to one gps feature (the one under the mouse when the user right clicks), and Non route-specific menu items should not be in the route context menu.
    • Modified MapSource so that all files, regardless of type, are added to the most recently opened files list on the file menu.
    • Added the capability to create waypoints with known altitudes at any arbitrary position on maps that contain elevation data. On such map products, previous versions of MapSource would only fill in the altitude field in waypoints that were created on contour lines or point features that had a known altitude.
    • Removed option for sending terrain shading data to GPS from the Maps tab. The determination to send this information will now be made automatically depending on whether the GPS the maps are being sent to supports it.
    • Added technology to the find dialog for address and intersection searches that will exclude cities from the list of available cities that don't have any associated road information.
    • Modified the process for transferring maps to a GPS device so that MapSource checks to ensure that it can successfully unlock all the maps being transferred on the destination GPS before starting the lengthy index-building step. This will prevent customers from having to sit through the index building of their map set and then find out that some of the maps are unable to be unlocked (and therefore unusable) on their GPS.
    • Changed the label of the column on the routes tab that was previously labeled “waypoints” to be labeled “via points”.
    • Improved the error text that a user gets when a write operation to a USB card programmer fails to verify.
    • Added some improvements to the device auto-detection code to decrease the likelihood of a failure while searching for user devices.
    • Changed behavior of route dialog so that if a user aborts the calculation of driving directions when clicking on the driving directions tab, they will stay on the via points tab and not see the driving directions tab with empty driving directions.
    • Removed term “non-dangerous” that was in the description of some marine map features.
    • Put in improved error reporting to assist the user when problems are encountered trying to transfer a map set to a Garmin iQue device.
    • Added additional error reporting parameters such as stack traces to certain error messages to improve the ability to debug the error.
    • Changed the logic in the driving directions generation software to better discriminate between the need for a “u-turn” and a “sharp left/right” turn in appropriate conditions.
    • Modified MapSource to provide the user with more useful feedback in certain situations where the program failed because of an invalid entry in the MapSource registry entries.
    • Modified the transfer dialogs to correctly reflect the fact that the cfQue device does not currently support route transfer.
    • Modified the waypoint dialog to correctly truncate the timestamp string when it was too long for the field it is displayed in.
    • Added an improved description of the removable media devices that show up in the list of devices that are automatically detected.
    • Added additional postal code filtering to the finder logic to help speed up searches being done when a postal code is provided.
    • Modified the find nearest logic to speed up the find nearest searches.
    • Modified find places and find nearest so that the user has the ability to abort finds that take a long time.
    • Added elevation information to the position information that we currently display on the status bar when the user hovers the mouse over the map. This will be available in certain map products that include altitude information.
    • Repositioned the toolbar on the track properties page so that it would be easier for users to understand that the toolbar functions will work in the name field as well as the trackpoints list.
    • Modified the find nearest dialog to remember when the user types an entry in the “containing” field.
    • Modified the find nearest dialog so that the “Waypoints” category option is not displayed if there are not currently any waypoints in MapSource (so that the find would always fail).
    • Modified the find dialog so that the Find button will be pushed if user hits the enter key after typing in some entries in the find parameters.
    • Modified MapSource so that when a waypoint is created on a city map feature, the application will automatically use the City icon.
    • Modified the find places dialog so that input typed in the parameter fields is saved after the user clicks find. This was done to create a consistent behavior with the find nearest dialog. The previous version of the find places dialog saved the input data immediately after the user typed it into the field (whether find was hit or not). It was decided that this could be confusing to users.
    • Added support for scroll-wheel in the auto-complete fields on the find dialog.
    • Removed maximize and minimize buttons from the Waypoint dialog since these buttons were not appropriate and did not work correctly as well.
    • Added the select all menu option to the context menu that is brought up when the user right clicks on the via-points list in the route dialog.
    • Fixed issue where find results marker on map was not correctly cleared in the map window when the user cancelled out of a find recent or find nearest search.
    • Fixed issue where some controls on the route dialog were not being drawn correctly when the dialog was being resized.
    • Fixed issue where detailed map data was not correctly display in some maps associated with certain Blue Chart products.
    • Fixed issue where the auto-router would fail when trying to route in certain map conditions.
    • Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when certain modifications were made to a waypoint in the Waypoint Properties dialog.
    • Fixed issue where the Waypoint label was covered up by the map feature label in some instances.
    • Fixed issue where vertical route profiler could fail on extremely long routes.
    • Reworded potentially confusing prompt that was displayed when MapSource was started with no map products installed.
    • Fixed issue where the wrong color was being used to fill in certain non-map areas at some zoom scales.
    • Fixed issue on the find nearest dialog where the search distance was not being updated correctly if the user modified this value and then initiated a search by hitting the Enter key.
    • Fixed issue where the find dialogs might not correctly remember the category/subcategory of the previous feature search in languages other than English.
    • Fixed issue where a marquee created with the map selection tool might select the wrong maps.
    • Changed the color of the marine exposed rock symbol.
    • Changed the line style of marine clearing lines.
    • Fixed issue with reporting transfer errors with removable media.
    • Fixed issue where if the pointer hovered over a selected waypoint and it was deleted, the pointer popup wasn’t removed.
    • Changed behavior of “Show on Map” for individual route and track points to be consistent with the waypoint’s behavior.
    • Fixed some localization issues in several Asian languages.
    • Fixed several auto-routing issues.
    • Fixed a vertical profiling issue.
    • Fixed issue with trying to create a route near the North or South pole.
    • Changed software version from 6.3 to 6.5.
    • Changed software version number from 6.3 to 6.5.
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    Looks like the list started repeating...
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    Thanks. Fixed, I must have hit paste twice :rolleyes
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    :thumb Thanks, Phil! :thumb
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    Fantastic. For those of us who don't regularly go to the Garmin website, thanks for the update update. :nod
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    Me too....thanks the time I would have checked the Garmin sight there would have been a version 666.6...

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    Thanks for the notice!
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    glad they fixed that issue with north and south pole mapping :lol3
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    Izzat a free upgrade if I bought the GPS less than a year ago?
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    Yup - it's just the software - not the map database - download, run it and you gots the new goodies.
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    I was loosing sleep over that one too. I also switch mine to German occassionally just to remind me of the good old days. :1drink