New Mexico: Ruidoso Los Cruces area

Discussion in 'Americas' started by donutrider, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I'm riding from Oklahoma City to Tucson this weekend and was wondering which route to take. I'm looking for relaxing high speeds and least amount of hazards.. Is the ride from Clovis to Ruidoso down to Las Cruses somewhat entertaining?? Many speed traps??
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    Some nice roads in that area. Never had many Cop problems there They are there but not as many as other states. The drunk locals are your biggest obstacle. Beware.

    Check out White Sands National Monument. Cool place.
  3. FlowBee

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    Oct 11, 2004
    I just did a tour of the White Sands valley 2 days ago, coming out of Las Cruces through Alamagordo and towards Carrizizo. There is a reason they decided to test the first nuclear bomb there and later declare the whole valley a bombing / missile range. It's huge and empty. The mountains surrounding it are kind of pretty, but the valley floor is just that. The roads are largely flat and pretty straight with long stretches of 70mph speed limits. It's quite pretty in a desolate "I've got time to think on Mars" way that much of New Mexico and West Texas is a Zen Garden of Mental Isolation.

    Don't expect twisty highways over mountain passes. It's paved 2 or 4 lane highways across the valley floor with normal "western" speed limits.