New Michelin Power Pure SC -The World's First Dual Compound Scooter

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    Apr 28, 2009
    If you haven't heard thereNew Michelin Power Pure SC -The World's First Dual Compound Scooter Tyre now out. I ll just copy and paiste the whole page below. If you don't want to read the whole thing , the short and curly of it is new long life tires for scooters.\

    The launch of the Power Pure SC is yet another example of Michelin's strategy of applying innovations developed in racing to street tyres. No other tyre manufacturer in the world is able to transfer technologies so broadly or quickly.

    The MICHELIN Power Pure SC was designed to allow users to get the most out of their scooter’s performance, thanks to MICHELIN 2CT. The world’s first scooter tyre made with dual compound technology, the MICHELIN Power Pure SC provides driving enjoyment, sportiness, grip and longevity. In short, its performance levels make it the first Sport Premium tyre in the scooter segment.

    Purpose-developed for racing tyres, dual compound technology aims to reconcile contradictory technical demands by dividing the tyre into different parts. Each part integrates a type of rubber specially designed to meet specific usage demands. Introduced for motorcycle tyres five years ago, this technological advance has since become a benchmark in the segment. It enables the same safety performance as a traditional tyre as well as a sporty ride while also meeting user demands for a long-lasting tyre.

    With the MICHELIN Power Pure SC, the slick central portion of the tread on both the front and rear tyres puts more rubber in the area most often in contact with the ground, thereby increasing longevity. To maximise tyre life, users are also advised to comply with the front and rear tyres’ specific fitting directions to avoid uneven wear.

    The tyre’s shoulders are made with softer rubber that enhances grip and thus safety. As a result, the MICHELIN Power Pure SC holds the road firmly in all road conditions, even on wet, damp or slippery surfaces.

    Stress is evenly distributed across the entire tread.

    Lastly, the tread design of the MICHELIN Power Pure SC is directly inspired by the “fountain” tread used for racing tyres. In this way, the MICHELIN Power Pure SC delivers comfort and sporty performance, thus guaranteeing unparalleled driving enjoyment.

    MICHELIN Power Rain ? MICHELIN Power Pure ? MICHELIN Power Pure SC

    A delicate technological achievement, the development of the MICHELIN Power Pure SC was backed by the Group’s substantial R&D budget, which allocates nearly €500 million a year to the Technology centre. The tyre is also aligned with Michelin’s strategic priority of never enhancing performance in one area while sacrificing it in another.

    MICHELIN Power Pure SC: Available in a wide range of sizes

    110/90 - 12 64P REINF POWER PURE SC F TL
    110/90 - 13 56P POWER PURE SC F TL
    120/70 - 12 51P POWER PURE SC F TL
    120/70 - 13 53P POWER PURE SC F TL
    120/70 - 14 55P POWER PURE SC F TL
    120/70 - 15 55S POWER PURE SC F TL
    120/70 - 15 56S POWER PURE SC F TL
    120/80 - 14 58S POWER PURE SC F TL
    130/60 - 13 53P POWER PURE SC R TL
    130/60 - 13 60P REINF POWER PURE SC R TL
    130/70 - 12 56P POWER PURE SC R TL
    130/70 - 12 62P REINF POWER PURE SC R TL
    130/70 - 13 63P REINF POWER PURE SC R TL
    130/80 - 15 63P REINF POWER PURE SC R TL
    140/60 - 13 57L POWER PURE SC R TL
    140/60 - 13 57P POWER PURE SC R TL
    140/70 - 12 60P POWER PURE SC R TL
    150/70 - 13 64S POWER PURE SC R TL
    150/70 - 14 66S POWER PURE SC R TL
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    I put them on my GTS recently and what limited riding I've done on them has been grippier than the City Grips they replaced.
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    Feb 3, 2007
    I just put a set on my SWing. They're great...really like them...
  4. Lotuscat

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    Put a set on my Zuma 125 last October. They tend to follow rain grooves a lot more than my Pilot Sports did. Just an observation. :norton

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    Bay City, MI
    How much did you guys pay for the sets?
  6. Chindog

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    Nov 28, 2012
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    Too bad they didn't go up to 16 inch wheels. It would have been nice to have an option other than Pirelli and Metzeger.
  7. Cortez

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Umm, yeah, I have them on my scoot for almost 7 months now, 4k miles,
    30hp scoot, no wear yet, amazing grip, slightly nervous when going straight
    over grooves & road imperfections, but a non-issue really.

    Can't recommend them highly enough. I also ha City Grips, great tires too.

    Want to try Diablo's or Metzelers Feelfree next and I've just about covered
    most popular 12-16" scooter tires in the last 5 years.:evil
  8. greg531

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    Jan 6, 2013
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    They make MICHELIN City Grips in 16 inch.....I counted 4 front and 3 rear sizes in 16 inch!