New Olympic sport introduced

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    It's called Canadian 3 meter springboard tutu diving :lol3

    CBC SPORTS ONLINE - Olympics organizers have increased security at all sports venues after an unidentified Canadian spectator plunged into a swimming pool during a diving competition.
    The man, bare-chested and sporting a blue tutu, scampered onto the pool deck and climbed to an adjoining diving board during the men's synchronized three-metre springboard event on Monday.

    He jumped into the pool after about a minute atop his perch and was immediately apprehended by security officials at the Olympic Aquatic Centre.

    The man, who was not identified by police, was arrested and booked on a charge on "interrupting the Games," according to a Ministry of Public Order spokesperson.

    It was not yet known what penalties or fines the Canadian might face.

    Although the spectator appeared to have harmless intentions, Olympic officials took the breach seriously.

    Organizers have spent an unprecedented amount on Olympic security and the incident exposed a hole in the supposed impenetrable safety ring at venues.
    "We are going to put security guys around the field of play," Marton Simitsek, an Athens 2004 executive, told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

    Olympic organizers said the man was trying to send a love message to his wife by getting on TV.

    However, the message painted on his chest appeared to be the website address for an online gaming Website.

    The fan's disruption turned the competition on its head.

    The top-ranked Chinese duo Kenan Wang and Bo Peng appeared headed toward certain victory before the intrusion. However, after the incident, one of the Chinese divers landed on his back on his final dive and the team received zeros across the board.

    Russian Dmitry Sautin then knocked himself on the board and American brothers Justin and Tony Dumais worked themselves out of a medal position with a missed landing.

    Unheralded Greeks Nikolaos Siranidis and Thomas Bimis won the gold. It was the host country's first gold of the Games.

    I give him 8.5
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    Anybody seen Max?
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