New Orleans to Tampa and back

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    So my dad invited me to meet him and my brother in Tampa for spring training and since I live in New Orleans, I thought it would make for a perfect Spring cruise excuse. Being that it's only about 650-700 miles and I have a bunch of vacation days saved up, I figure why not.

    I am going to leave after work on this friday (the 8th of March) and get about 200 miles down the road before I make camp for the night. Might actually camp, maybe stay in a hotel. Haven't decided yet. Not a lot of change needed to make that decision last minute, though.

    Then, I will have a nice leisurely day Saturday and a short morning ride Sunday to meet him and my brother from PA in Tampa. I will be returning starting Wednesday the 13th and spend all day Wednesday and Thursday making the return trip.

    It's a pretty straightforward journey without a ton of options (pretty much coast road or highway with a couple offshoots) but I was thinking there must be some awesome hidden gems along the way that are worth stopping, gawking and being an annoying tourist with an iphone at. I've been to Apalachicola before and know that area reasonably well but who's got some suggestions? There have to be some awesome stopping areas, seafood hangouts, great places to drink a coke and then move on, etc along the way.

    I would also be up for anyone looking to join in the ride if interested. I have a street bike so offroad may be out, but a nice coastal cruise couldn't hurt anyone...

    Let me know what ya got inmates!
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    I am unabashed fan of rural Florida from my roaming around the state in the 1970's. Try Cedar Key, it is West of Hwy 19 and located at the end of Hwy 24 I believe. Used to be a very neat place back in its day. Another nugget is Davis Island located in Tampa Bay right off the western edge of downtown. Get on the little road that borders the Eastern edge of the island. My wife and I used to sit out there and watch the ships in the channel. There is a quaint, very small beach at the fartherest tip of the island just past Peter O'Knight airport. Now for food, especially since you will be rather close to this area if you are doing the baseball thing, go to the Alessi Bakery 2909 W Cypress St and get properly fed. Real Cuban sandwiches, pastries , you name it. Sit outside under their tent and enjoy the real Tampa traditions. Try some black beans and rice at one of the diners along in that area. Plenty of jewels in Tampa beneath the decay of the last forty years.
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    Isn't this trip planning ?