New Smaller Wheels

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    Well, I have a 4x4 5spd with the 2.7 - it's not great on fuel if you get on the freeways much. I get 20-21 mpg on those, driving 70-75ish. In daily use around Toledo using surface streets and freeways I get a consistent 21. When driving in the U.P., cruising around 60ish on the 55mph roads, I get 24-25 mpg.

    Around 60, rpm is 2200, while 70+ is closer to 2700. Motor seems to be in a sweet spot from 2000-2300 or so.

    Power is more than adequate, and i do not question not getting the V6. I would like to see Toyota upgrade their truck motors though, as you can get pretty near the same economy in a full size on the freeway if you are careful. Or maybe just give us the D4D :deal
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    If that garage in the background of your pic. is your's, you might need all the extra cash you can stash. Unless the camera lies, it kinda' looks like that old bugger is still standing just out of habit :D