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Discussion in 'Hacks' started by dholaday, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. dholaday

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    Nov 25, 2008
    White Salmon, WA
    Time to finish up this thread?

    Turns out I didn't get to go to Glacier NP. As those of you in the PNW may have seen in newspaper or TV, we had a wildfire start in White Salmon area last week. My wife sent me this picture looking north from our front porch:


    By Thursday night there were flames over the ridge to the left just out of the photo - about a mile from our house. Understandably, she was a little nervous about the course of events. So instead of going north to Glacier, Friday morning I put on my boogie boots and hopped onto I-90 at Billings. 16 hours and about 800 miles later I was home.

    Fortunately, the wind was out of the east and the firefighters were able to get a backfire/fireline in place. This fire is now contained and all we had to deal with is smoke. No buildings destroyed.

    Had a chance to take Mary Margaret on her first ride in this sidecar - she seems to like it a lot. Her [VERY old and in need of replacement] riding gear sort of fits the color scheme.


    And the cat at one of our favorite wineries likes the rig too:


    All in all, a great trip. Had a lot of fun. Looking forward to more.
  2. Abenteuerfahrer

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    How ya'll Duncan? Glad you got home safe and sound and your Missus likes the sidecar ride. Sharon is jealous and misses her Tub. Enjoy....

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    When I heard about the White Salmon fire I kinda figgered you might make a beeline home. Glad to hear the forest fire gods decided to spare your place. :clap