New twist the jetting for Altitude TLR200 thread

Discussion in 'Trials' started by Irish John, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Well lots of good info and opinions shared in the fore mentioned thread. However, I have now run into a new problem unrelated to the jetting issue.

    Last night, I pulled the forks to install new seals and wipers. Left fork, came apart easily. Right fork took a fair bit of persuasion to get the tube our of the lower. The tube will only slide smoothly into the lower about 3" then it starts to stick and wedge itself in place. First thought the tube is bent, checked it with a straight edge and on a glass top table, it's good to go. I can not see anything inside the lower, no obvious our of round or dimple. Check it with the other tube same thing. So I'm thinking it is out of round or there is a slight dimple on the inside. The exterior does have a fairly good gouge where it looks like it hit a rock.

    So I suppose I will need to find a new lower fork leg or a maybe a cylinder hone with a long shaft to reach down inside and see if I can round it out. Anyone experience something like this?