Nice things car-drivers have done for bikers

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    I see that all the time, too. On the Ducati, it's not a problem. 45 to 90 takes about 3 seconds..........:lol3
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    Nov 21, 2004
    Ooo oo oo:y0!

    I just remembered the most awesomest thing a trucker has ever done for me.

    I was riding across Kansas on the slab (making time to get to CO) and had been in a constant 50 mph side wind all day. The road was about as straight as they could make it and the wind was headed north with a vengeance. for 5 or 6 hours I was riding with my knee out into the wind and my neck was seriously stating to get tired of having some guy lean on my helmet from one side.

    I came up on a semi in the right lane and I was about to pull left and pass him when he signaled and pulled out to the left lane. There was *no* other traffic for at least 3/4 of a mile in either direction so I was kinda confused. The driver then just sat in the left lane. Went no faster or slower but just sat there. After a bout a half a mile I decided to pass on the right as he looked like he was not going anywhere. As soon as I pulled up next to him the side wind *stopped*. Totally. I almost fell over as the constant push from the side just disappeared.

    I was in love with that man right then and there.

    we rode that way for about 10 or 15 minutes as there was really no one else about. As I rolled on the throttle to finish the pass i gave him a huge wave and a bit of a beep from the useless factory Suzuki horn. He gave me a flash and a friendly little brap of the air horns on the rig and pulled into the right lane once I was past him.

    Must have been a rider to have thought of doing the wind brake trick but I am sure that hauling that huge sail of a machine around that day must have been quite a chore.

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    Hungary, where I live, has few motorcycles. People ALWAYS yank way over to the right when I storm up behind them on the super tenere so I can seriously drive within my lane at speed (40-50-60 mph or so) on a busy two lane road (one each way) and have ton of room to spare (lane splitting is also legal here in any case)... I don't know if this is because they love the few of us who are free-spirited enough to ride, or if because they are terrified of the few of us who are demented enough to ride! :rofl
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    After seeing this, I did some research. It looks like the "ozymandias" from BARF was the one to fall 40+ ft onto an Envoy in 2010.

    The Ozymandias from ADVrider had his crippling accident in 2006 and committed suicide in 2008.

    Perhaps Clayton was looking out for this guy ... sure was a crazy story. The unusual part to both stories is that the updates take place in real time, not days after, like most ride reports. Granted, the barf thread isn't much of a ride report, more of a news event, but I felt like I was experiencing each event as if it happened today.

    Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled program.
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    I was heading to northern MI on the slab and had a driver in a beater car pull into my lane and push me onto the shoulder. A very large lifted 4x4 pickup with a camo paint job pulled up behind the offending car and sat about a foot off his back bumper no matter what lane it went into until it decided to take the next exit. The attractive truck driver then gave me a thumbs up and smile as I passed her.
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    Seems that way in most of rural texas. I was baffled on my first trip from houston to austin when folks moved over on the shoulder. Houston is the same way towards bikers and cars, they will block you and if you filter or split lanes they will run you over or open a door on you.

    :nono The adv salute in Houston will get you shot , or run over real quick. Not recommended.
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    Oct 7, 2011
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    The only place I've ever seen this done was by the friendly and good drives of Canada up on two-lane roads. They'd be doing 80 or 85 MPH and put half of their vehicle on the shoulder to let us pass.

    Always nice to have a somewhat sticky throttle cable to be able to wave with the right hand, lol.

    I am really impressed that Texans do it since most drivers in America aren't even capable of operating their cage correctly, let alone being aware of their surroundings, courteous, and professional.
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    Are you sure this isn't the thread you were thinking about?

    Locally, this doesn't happen very often, but numerous times this summer while my wife and I were touring around BC and Washington State, we had vehicles slow down and/or pull over to wave us past on scenic twisty sections of highway.

    Its a far cry from the cagers here on my commute who do everything they can do make my commute as adversarial an event as possible.
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    I was talkin about Ozymandias. Didnt know he had comitted suicide. :cry
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    Sep 28, 2010
    Couple of years back, myself and a couple others were heading back to Kansas. We knew there was rain ahead, but didn't know how bad.

    An old guy at a gas station asked our destination, and then told us that they were having golf ball sized hail in the next county..he pointed out a nearby car wash, and suggested we seek shelter. 'bout twenty minutes later, we had golf ball sized hail and 50 mph winds.....had he not stopped, we would have most likely been in a world of hurt.

    The ones I really appreciate tho? The ones that don't try to kill me.....
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    in ireland most car drivers move left to let you pass down the centre, instead of having to wait until a break in traffic to overtake. they flash their left blinker to let you know that they are letting you by
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    I hit a patch of 'creosote(?) that was sprayed on rail road ties above a RR bridge/ curve that are plentiful in PA on my Softtail. It mixed with morning dew and was crazy slippery. The giant behemoth fishtailed and overcorrected off the dropped shoulder so I had to lay r down. A little dazed, I couldnt lift the beast because I didnt see the tip of the fender stuck under the guard rail. A passing car driver helped me lift it and gave me his phone to tell my Wife of the dilemma.
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    Apr 30, 2011
    As FalconX mentioned earlier, BARF's Ozymandias and ADV's Ozymandias are definitely two different people. ADV's Ozy wasn't around when BARF's Ozy had his wreck.
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    After crashing at 70mph on the freeway, I wound up in the central reservation and my bike was on the hard shoulder. The moment I was stood up and gave the thumbs up I was okay, the assholes in all three lanes started moving, stranding me in the middle of the motorway. With rush hour traffic, I could have been there for hours before I could cross, never mind that standing doesn't mean uninjured. Mercifully, a very kind cager (not to mention one with good observations) several cars back saw what was happening and selflessly slewed his car horizontally, blocking the two fastest lanes. He then got out and forced the traffic on the inside lane to stop (just by hand gestures, nothing was blocking them). He then checked I was okay and that I could walk over to the hard shoulder. He then moved his own car onto the hard shoulder, before waving for the traffic to start moving. He then went and got my tank bag, which had come off the bike and then helped me pick the bike up. He hung around until I had checked the bike over and managed to ride it away. Hell of a guy.

    I've stopped to help at accidents since that day.
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    I was just up in the Linville NC gorge area and despite a few warnings I was gonna take my 1200gs up and over NC105 to wiseman's view. I'd been on some rough stuff earlier in the week and thought I could handle rutted up gravel. Well I was going up a steep incline and saw some knee deep ruts ahead and stopped the bike before I got into them. I was unsuccessful turning the bike around and dumped it at zero speed. After no luck lifting the bike by myself (the wheels were uphill and all the weight was below), I gathered a few things from the bike for the two mile walk back to civilization. I hadn't been down 10 minutes when this sedan pulls up and asks if this is the road that goes to Linville Falls. I told them no, but if they'd help, I'd be glad to lead them there.

    The guys got out of the car and we righted the bike and it cranked right up. What a huge relief... :clap
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    Jul 19, 2007
    Ran out of petrol yesterday and the first car stopped and gave me a lift the 15 km to the petrol station.

    Very grateful Phil and Anna.
  17. little foot

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    Running the slab at 11:30 pm out in rural Oklahoma following a tractor trailer to run blocker for deer. Sure enough the truck makes an exagerated swerve and when I approach the spot there is a big ole doe munching on grass.
  18. Tuna Helper

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    The other day while I was in my truck I got passed by a dude on a crotch rocket. when we get to the light I am first in line, he is behind one car. I stop way back, and when he looks over at me I wave him in front. i knew thats where he wanted to be anyway, just smart enough to not jump in front of a one ton pickup with little room to spare. Sure enough, when the light changed he took off like a bat out of hell, and a mile down the road his hat blew off.
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    Kind of a convoluted story, but it does come around to the thread title. My other than riding passion is multi hull sailing and racing. A long time ago the Skagette and I ditched the kids, hooked up the Hobie 16 and headed headed for the mountains for a weekend of camping and sailing. Got to a camping spot very late and had not watched the gas gauge, I realized in the morning I was on dead empty. And bigger than shit, ran out on the way back down the hill to the only store/station within miles. I thumb a ride to the store, buy a can and 5 gallons and thumb a ride back. Pour the gas and the car is at an angle on the shoulder and 5 gallons doesnt fill to the sender and no amount of priming will get it started and ran the battery down trying. Now we were on a pretty lightly traveled road and it was early in the season. The only 2 cars Id seen up to now were the one that gave me a ride to get gas and the ride back. Im pissed, wifey is tripping and WTF, a low rider Chevy pulls up and stops and three 1% ers from hell emerge. I swear these guys were caricatures of 1%ers, prison tats and all,these guys could be bad fucking news. They were kind of amused as I told my tale of woe. And went to work, siphoned their own gas and gave me a jump and got me going. I couldnt believe my luck, as we were wrapping up I asked the ringleader how come they went so far out of their way to give me a hand. He gets this grin and says a while back he "went down on his scoot" was on the side of the road all fucked up and the only one to stop was towing "one of them little boats". The guy got his bike up and running, straightened some stuff, got him bandaged and on his way. He says "so I tells myself, them guys with them little boats,man they're OK"
    Took some cash for their effort and promised to blow it on a round of schnapps.