no valve clearance 530 exc

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    Sep 17, 2010
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    2010 530 exc 75hours

    I have been staying on top of checking the valves every 10 hours till the 50 hour interval. The clearance dropped to the min. by 20 hrs and stayed there up to 50 hrs. At this point I figured it was ok to stretch it out to 25 hrs. At 75 hrs no clearance at all.:cry Yes it is at tdc. Forced out the intake rocker arm by using the bolt in the end of rocker arm and a stack of washers, got shaft out but it will not go back in without force. I am going to guess it is bent slightly and will replace shaft. Any ideas how to get exh side out? Not sure at this point if I should use the same method and kill another rocker shaft or pull the head and use a valve spring compressor. It might be cheaper to kill another shaft ($20) vs buying a ktm valve tool and the gaskets. Any ideas would be helpful.