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  1. Hank Marvin

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    Dec 6, 2012
    Decided to sell my Italian Bella 848 for something more suitable for hooligan riding, especially given my track record of commuting to a ski resort on a ninja 250 with boots in saddle bags, skis on the back.

    Couldn't be happier with the switch, even though I had trouble getting it off of the side stand from the previous owner's driveway hehehe. A month into the ownership, it's finally becoming less intimidating (still scares the crap out of me when the back wheel breaks lose from the jerky FI)

    Given my other track record of "breaking in" the bike (bent front forks of ninja in 1,200km, low-sided Duc with gravel encounter within 48 hours), I thought I'd share my first trip on the honey badger, this one just a week after ownership.

    After chasing some deers and bears on logging roads during a solo trip with 50/50 Scorpions, I got enough confidence to attempt my first ever water crossing. Everything was fine until I got to the steep bank of the other side, at which point the back wheel didn't have enough tread to make it up. After seemingly endless attempts to dig it out in terrestrial downpour, the bike eventually fell over in the deep end of the creek (not pictured), and water filled the exhaust... hiked 10km to cell reception, went back to tow it out the next morning with an ATV.
    Still sorting out some electrical issues from the adventure, there is a short somewhere in the system, but ridable without engine guards at the moment. I'm LOVING orange! :wings

    Quick question, are exhaust pressure supposed to be even? The right pipe seems a LOT stronger than the left, but both cylinders also seem to be firing properly.

    KTMSAM Been here awhile

    Nov 28, 2012
    within sight of Lake Superior
    Nice purchase! tough break on your first journey, hopefully the bike fired up and is ready to go again after you got it home.
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    That is normal on these bikes.