NorCal..thoughts on this '99 gas gas270 on CL?

Discussion in 'Trials' started by the toe cutter, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    New to trials, but not off road riding. I read through the lengthy post in this forum where people were suggesting bikes for a noob. Everyone seemed to say stick to 2000 & newer for various reasons. The theme seemed to be buy the newest bike you can afford.

    This is in my price range, but I'm just getting into trials so I don't have any experience on the changes through the years, issues for each bike, etc.

    I don't plan on competing right away, but might someday. The use will be for obstacles and tight trails to improve by skills on my 450.

    I can afford up to about $4k so should I wait and get a new bike or do you think this would be okay for a new and not fall apart/major issues?

    Any thoughts/suggestins are appreciated.

    Here is another bike I want to look at (it's a 200, but I only weigh 155lbs)
  2. lineaway

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    Oct 1, 2011
    For a`99 it is a little high. But the bike appears to be as sold. The `99 was the first year of the range of models from `99 - 2002. They were dependable and rode well, not a bad first bike! Have fun!:D
  3. DrKayak

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    The 99 looks cleaner than most at that age. You won't find one that nice for less $$ in NorCal. All good deals are stanched up in hours of being posted by Dan who will flip them for a small profit. He has beat me to ever good bike to come up in the last 2 years.

    I got a 96 Beta by runnig a want add. I have put a ton of hours on it in a year with no isses. The fun per $$ has been great compare to ANY other bike i have owned... so, a low use older trials bike can be a great value. But buying one that needs work can be a money pit as trials parts are expensive and some on my Beta are not even available.

    As far as the 270 vs 200. At you weight both are an option. If you want to learn slow technical turns and ballance, the core skills, many will tell you the 200 is better. If you are experenced, not afraid of going big and want to learn to jump logs the 270 would be better. If you have 2-stroke experence you know how a 125cc has to be riden over a 250. Similar differences in the 270 vs 200.