north-central california afternoon delight

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    so, just made a good half day ride on the way back from ozzie's in chico (600 mile service on the '11 f8r) and i highly recommend it:

    45 south from hamilton city (crab feed coming up?) was bucolic and a relief from hiway 5 i took up in the morning - civility, peace, few and polite cagers.
    20 east was the pleasant wakeup from the sleepy valley
    29 south was the surprise of the day - perfect, new asphalt with lotsa passing lanes, lotsa turns on the way up and on the way down (where leos hung out). i'd forgotten how many tight turns that road had, one after another, after another ... going up/down mt. st. helena.
    silverado trail was not congested and has the views to add (can actually enjoy them, as the road is not that technical)
    128 east - sage canyon up to moskowite was also in fine shape EXCEPT they seemed to have put some red stuff (gravel?) that is not a problem if you stay in the cager tire tracks.
    12 SW was a lot of fun - i kept going past wooden valley just for the joy of riding it (no posted limit on the monticello portion!) and the had to double back ( :-) to wooden valley.

    i'll have to go back and take some photos on a sunny day, or ... wonder how many more days before my 6k service at ozzie's :-)