North Scottsdale Garage Fitment Referrals?

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    Hey you out there in the Valley of the Sun. I just bought a condo as a base camp for my western motorcycle tracks. It has a 2 car garage! :D I am a snow bird and my passion will be dual sporting trips in the west, and maybe some golf too. I bought a place last month that seems perfect for it. Plus it has a typical garage for the right stuff to go along with adventuring. I say that because in Boston I live in a high rise with no opportunity to have a 'garage'. A garage is a gift.

    My priorities:

    1. I need a paint guy that can remove a few things in the garage and repaint it and maybe install more lights.
    2. I need a somebody to epoxy the floor.
    3. Somebody to find and install the cabinets and workbench.

    I want this garage to feel like part of my living space.

    Any referrals out there?
  2. DOD

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    Aug 1, 2005
    Shoot seabee1 a PM. Among other things I think he does custom cabinet work.

  3. ZEmann

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    Jul 19, 2013
    We are a licensed general contractor in AZ 20+ years mostly commercial

    and while this sounds like a handyman type gig if you need someone to check up on the work let Me know I get by Scottsdale a couple of times a week

    as a matter of fact We just redid a condo for a Bank that We do work for

    they suckered us into it LOL

    I have never seen a flawless epoxy job on old concrete so I am hesitant to refer
    if you needed the whole condo painted I have an awesome painting sub but if it's just the garage He would pass

    you don't really want to leave the cabinets up to the installer I would at the minimum look at the pre made stuff online that home depot/ lowes has and do the layout for the installer

    plus the normal warnings , being a condo with a common wall ? make sure you hire a licensed /bonded/insured installer

    god forbid he hits a waterline or even gas when mounting a cabinet just to name one thing that could go wrong
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    Congrats on the home away from home.