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    We are headed from Norhtern Minnesota to Alaska this summer. We are leaving Minnesota on May 31st. I have a ticket for the Norhtbound Alaskan Cruise leaving June 7th from Vancouver. My husband will continue North by himself (leaving June 6th from Vancouver) to arrive in Seward June 14th to pick me up. ( any one want to join him?) Needless to say my bike is staying home.

    We are planning 2 weeks in Alaska and then heading home. Any good rides to sights not to be missed?
    We will need at least one new tire while in Alaska we use Avon Venom X - any good reliable shop to get one mounted? We know we have to order ahead :D.
    We are planning on camping and are looking for a lightweigt camper trailer yet. We have a timeoput but are looking for something smaller. We are very excited :clap This is a trip of a lifetime for us. Can't wait to leave 112 days and counting! ALASKA here we come! :lol3
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    Congrats on your upcoming trip to the far north, a milestone for sure!

    I'm Brendon and I'm the Assistant GM at The Motorcycle Shop here in Anchorage, AK. We sell BMW, Triumph, Ducati, KTM, Kawasaki, and Husqvarna motorcycles and have been since 1972.

    I'm not sure what you're riding, but I'm happy to try and help you out. Getting a tire changed up here in the summer is a pretty common affair. You said you're riding the Avon Venom's, what size and what bike are you on? Will you pull your own wheel or do you want to drop the bike off and pick it up when it's all done?

    The contact info for my shop is in my sig, feel free to drop me a line regarding any old thing, I'll be happy to help.
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    I did a two month trip up to Alaska last summer. I don't know what kind of bike your husband has, but I'll take a guess that's it's a GS1200 or similar. My wife didn't go but if I go back with her, here are a few things that we would do and see. Since I think you are starting your Alaska motorcycle trip from Seward, I would head down to Homer and camp on the Homer Spit. There is a nice campground out at the end, just past the Salty Dawg on the right. They let me pitch my tent on the beach, below the marked campsites. Always had a dream to put my tent on the Homer Spit. On the way up to Anchorage, a nice side track is to go up to Hope and eat lunch at the cafe in the old Hope. The Motorcycle Shop in Anchorage took good care of me both times I was there for tire changes and service. Make sure you have an appointment made a month or two ahead of time. Thomas was very friendly and helpful. Depending on how you head north, Talkeetna is a neat place to spend a night. I would certainly ride over Hatcher Pass if you have a sunny day. If you get on the road between Glennallen and Tok, head up to Nabesna. It's a pretty ride and there is a bed and breakfast lodge called the Devils Mountain Lodge near the end of the road. Very nice people and great food. It's off the beaten path and I thought it was one of the highlites of my trip. If you get to Tok, I stayed at the "Off the Road House". On the outskirts of Tok. Helga was a great host and the property was terrific. The old Denali Highway was a fun ride, be sure to have lunch in Gracious House. Denali was probably the low point of my trip because of the dang bus, but if it's clear it's worth doing once. Just northeast of Fairbanks is the Chena Hot Springs. fun afternoon there. You can lodge there, or camp along the river on the way to the hot springs, which is what I did. If you decide to go to Deadhorse, pick a good couple of days. I did it on a rainy day, after it had been raining for three days and the road was very muddy and slippery. I had a decent day on way back so got to see everything I had missed on the way up. I stayed at the Deadhorse Camp on the outskirts of town and it was terrific. An experience, but very good. If you see the Circle Hot springs on the map, don't bother go there for the hot spring. It had been closed for a couple years which I found out after I got there after a long day. Not much up there, but it was a pretty ride, from what I could see in the rain. Manley hot springs were amazing. you rent the hot springs by the hour so call ahead or call. Pretty ride out to Manley. Returned from Manley in the rain and the mud was the slipperiest of the whole trip. McCarthy was worth the experience. You can drive a motorcycle across the foot bridge and had fun in the can camp right on the river just before the bridge. Valdez is a nice ride as you head down to the coast from McCarthy. Depending on time and how you plan, I took the ferry from Valdez to Whittier. The Whittier tunnel was the surprise of the trip. Top of the World highway is worth doing on a nice day. I had to hole up in Dawson for a day to let the rain pass....not because I didn't want to get the bike muddy (haha) but because I didn't want to miss the view. Haines was a nice place to spend a day. I stayed at the old army officers quarters which is now a hotel. Odd name and I can't remember it now but it was worth doing. Tok, Devil's mountian lodge, and the hotel in Haines were the only hotels I stayed in. There is a decent campground in Anchorage. I can't remember the name, but it is on lthe North end, down over the bank from the main part of town, near the Comfort Inn. All the campgrounds are expensive in Anchorage so don't be shocked. It has a nice laundry, clean rest rooms, and a lawn that you can pitch a tent on. It's between the smaller airport and the train tracks so ear plugs are a plus......but I went back the second time so I felt it was worth it. Plus you can walk to the restaurants from there. Anyway, this will get you started. I had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat.