Northeast Illinois Gravel Ride

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    This is from a CDSR ride in Kane County. The track starts at the intersection of Barrington Road and IL72 (Starbucks and gasoline here) and ends at Pete's Hotdogs (food, gas station closed) at IL64 and IL47. The loop is 120 miles long and hits gravel proximate to the Chicago area. It passes through a few small towns where gas is available. There is no gravel until past Elgin.

    The gravel is highly maintained and passable on any type of motorcycle, even with street tires. Some of the gravel roads are treated with a dust abatement agent (e.g. calcium chloride, lignin sulfonate, or Molex) and can be slippery; especially near the beginning of the track.

    The track contains less that 200 points for loading into the Zumo line of products from Garmin without truncation. On mapping GPSs (e.g. Garmin GPSmap 60C series), view the track at the 800 foot and 0.2 mile scales for best results. In order to drop the track point count down below 200, the track will sometimes wander next to the roadway it follows.

    Download the GPX file here.

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    Thanks! I rode part of this yesterday in the rain.
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    Urban sprawl is coming dangerously close to me. These are very well maintained gravel out this way, some areas are what I call 100mph gravel.