Northern Nevada road report

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    A while back someone was asking about road 8A between Cederville Ca. and hwy 140 West of Denio. I came across it yesterday. It was dry and snow free for the most part.I Had to ride through the bushes for about a 100 yards to by pass one snow field.
    Road 202 from Pearl canyon to Summit Lake was open
    The road West from Summit lake ( I think 213) was snowed over about ten miles West of the turn off down to Soldiers Meadows just past where the new pipeline crosses the road. not much snow at all and I think if I put my mind to it I could have crossed over the last ridge.
    There looked to be fresh truck tracks heading from Summit lake down to Soldiers meadows so it could be open.
    Road 215 to Pearl canyon to Knot creek and out through to Hwy 140 was dry and fast