Not your average Dual Sport ride report...

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    Dec 2, 2010
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    try throwing in some stills (second camera?) once in a while might help to carry the vid along?
    Yep doing the pulls and selects take time...
    The shot with the river crossing - i was hoping for a shot from the front as well. Perhaps ask the riders if they will do a repeat stream crossing?

    good job keeping the camera steady and with the edit. Even when i am riding i have a tendency to move my head all around. And typically the stinkin' batteries die and i end up with nothin'.

    FCP 7.x is the gold standard - Adobe Premiere has come along way from the days i messed around with it.... my video days go back to single chip panasonic (AG-456) cameras and (AG1970 deck), and 3/4" etc.
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    Apr 5, 2013

    Not sure if you watched the video or not, but it has stills in it. It is hard enough to start/stop, turn the camera on/off, listen for beeps, negotiate the terrain and try and get a goog shot. I don't feel the video needed to be "carried along" at all. I even had the intro footage that matched the song with me waking up, etc.
    If you want to buy me a second camera, i am all for that.
    These rides are long (90 miles +) and go all day. Trying to do a repeat shot is out of the question on the river crossing. I had that shot longer because the song slowed down right there. I capture what i can along the way, no second tries.
    I have plenty of batteries so i dont have to worry about dead batteries, but i do have to change them which takes a while when guys are riding and don't care to wait up sometimes.
    I just do these videos for fun and with no budget or not much time to get them finished up quick, i feel they come out pretty decent.
    Onto editing the new video from the ride this weekend....
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    Very well done! Great editing :clap