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Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by not2fast, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Tammy

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    Dec 7, 2007
    Jim Thorpe, PA
    Terry would love to stop by one day if your door is open, would love to sit on that 90 and bs about the good old day with ya.

    my bike was giving to me with my dad thinking it would never run. my brother-in-law took the fenders, chain, cables, all the wiring and the pegs and gastank then gaveit to me :lol3. dad came home from work one day and i was riding it. told my mom it had to go and mom said she fixed it she is keeping it :deal. :clap. never did tell my dad about the KV i had before that bike :rofl. my grandkids will be riding soon don't think ill be telling my girls that when i take them out the first time :evil

    RORR is a tuff Enduro but lots of fun..
  2. neoxaero

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    Sep 29, 2012
    I just came across this thread. I was stuck in a wheel chair for about 3-4 months after a motorcycle accident I had back in '02. Be sure to get yourself one of those light weight chairs. They wheelie real good! I decided since I was stuck in the chair for awhile to finally learn how to do wheelies. :evil

    It was always fun to ride a constant wheelie when I'd go grocery shopping with my mom and/or my (at the time) future wife! The looks you get are almost as enjoyable as the ones when you lift up a front wheel cruising down the road! :rofl
  3. DockingPilot

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    I honestly dont even know what to say except you are in my thoughts and prayers Terry.
  4. DougFromKentucky

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    Terry, I don't know how I missed the news of your accident until today as I am a member here as well as Stromtrooper but somehow I did. I am about your age and have been riding about the same number of years. I sat for a while this evening wondering how I would handle what you have gone through. I am not sure I could be as strong as you, I sit here in awe of you. I don't know exactly what else to say other than you will be in my prayers.
  5. not2fast

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    My new wheelchair made from lighter materials has finally arrived. Its not as exciting as my 2012 DL650 was when I got it new but the new chair does roll better and wheelie better than the old one. I hope to get some bling for it but there is not as many accessories for it in the Twisted Throttle catalog as there was for the DL.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

  6. dm635

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Louisville Ky-actually 30 miles east
    Terry, hang in there brother. I too just read the whole thing. You've still got a long road ahead of you. Do you plan on riding again, but on 3 wheels?. Your recovery over the months sounds like it has gone very well. I have a wife as well that will stand by me regardless of the situation, At least that's what I believe, she's been through alot.. You are a lucky man!!! I've been rough on my old body (I'm 54) And she has been there through every injury.Last very serious accident was in September when my air head went down tossing me off with the left side of my face scratching.along the pavement until I came to a stop.Not good wearing a 3/4 helmet.
    And a helicopter ride and don't remember it either.

    I don't remember a thing until I came to 2 days later. Wife says my son climbed in the bed almost the entire time I was out.Wife also said I seemed to be very alert when they were sewwing muscle back together Before stitching up the skin. Had other inujuries involved and still healing.

    This post is not about me, you suffered much more Than I. I won't go into detail, but I've been chemically dependent since '97 surviving an accident that should have taken me out.You may be on pain medication. From time to time I have to let the wife give me my daily dose. I really hope you don't have to go down that road for an extended time.

    I feel for you man, stay positive no matter what life throws at you.