Nuvi 1250 - Buy NuMaps lifetime?

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    I have an older GPS unit (Nuvi 1250) and I am torn as to whether to update the maps or just go out and buy a new unit. As of right now, I'm not too happy with the detail of the maps. I would like to see some smaller roads (dirt roads, etc) and when I drive past lakes and parks, my old unit would tell me the names where as the Nuvi 1250 does not. I am willing to purchase numaps lifetime or the city navigator. Which is more detailed? Will one of these be more detailed than what is currently on my Nuvi1250?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    NuMaps Lifetime is something which gets applied to the City Navigator so I would think twice about buying that for an old gps. NuMaps makes a lot of sense for a gps which you think you'll have for a few years.

    Also, you may find there's precious little of the kind of detail you seem to want in City Navigator, even if updated. Updates generally add new and modified road detail but not a lot of secondary road detail.

    Maybe you would be happier with a Topo mapset, an older product like Roads and Recreation, or Open Street Maps which are free.
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    Garmin intentionally uses data size to shorten the "lifetime" of GPS models. A newer model (with more internal memory) will have a longer future.

    Another option for getting more detail is to load free open source maps onto a microSD card into your 1250. When you use the nuvi's "Map Data" option to select both sets of maps, your GPS will show more details. (At least in my area and areas I've ridden through.)

    1. Go to, highlight the areas you need, then request a map.
    2. Download the map a short while later.
    3. Buy a microSD card (about $8) and put a directory named "Garmin" on the card.
    4. Put the downloaded maps into the Garmin directory on the microSD card and pop it into your nuvi.
    5. Go to the nuvi's "map info" screen and check the box for the OS maps.
    The OS maps have far fewer POIs in my area, but far more logging roads and ATV trails. If I UNcheck the Garmin maps my nuvi displays more detail on zoomed-out displays.

    I know that my response is not exactly what you asked about, but it may solve the problem in a different way.