Oilhead, versus Battle Scoot Brigade?

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by CaseyJones, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Why, this? I gave up sleeping on the ground (not even an air-mattress) after my very first foray to the Easter Races at Mount Panorama in the mid-seventies. That FIRST trip, I bedded-down under a plastic flysheet pulled over two motorcycles ,-- but never again! Bit-by-bit I upgraded my camping equipment (over the decades), and my current equipment includes a Sleeping Stretcher like so:


    . . . and a lightweight tent tall enough to stand erect once inside. I've given up on those crawl-in (hands and knees) tents some Twenty Years ago.

    Now I have a trailer - I'm not prepared to forgo basic creature comforts.


    At the very least, any senior-aged rider should have some above-the-ground dry sleeping comfort . . . . to this kind of standard.


    Even the tents today can be self-erecting!
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    Interesting posts to your dilema Casey.

    I will be 68 in august and am riding an airhead BMW, like most of us at an age, I deal with some health issues and find myself looking at maxi scooters for many of the same reasons as you.

    If I don't win one of the raffle bikes at the BMWMOA rally this summer i will be taking a much closer look at a maxi by the fall.:D

    At this point in life I don't care much what anyone says or thinks about what i ride.
    At least I continue to ride.