OK metallurgists and welders...

Discussion in 'Trials' started by broncobowsher, Sep 30, 2012.

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    I am looking over an ad for the new Ossa. There is a line in the ad that is either wrong or there is some new technology around I have never heard of before. So let's see what others think of this line...
    "Created from cast aluminum alloy brackets that are tig welded to CR-MO steel tubing..."
    When did we suddenly figure out how to weld aluminum to steel?

    I tried in the past (more of a bet) with a MIG welder with some interesting results. I did manage a mechanical bond (basicly plug welding used as rivets) to attach the 2 pieces of metal but not a true molecular bond. We called the bet a draw as I did attach the 2 pieces of metal together with a welder but failed to truely weld them. Neither of us had to buy the other a beer over that:freaky

    I am also up for a bad translation as the ad doesn't really read of normal english, but still a lot better then a lot of translations.
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    ??? missing punctuation, pegs are out of the alum, the brackets are welded to frame kind of makes sense (apposed to some bikes the brackets were bolted to frame, Im thinking Montessa bolted the brackets to the frame for a while).
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    almost 40 years ago the aluminum centers of my Keystone mag wheels were welded to the steel rims. They never failed, despite some loads greater than prudent.