OK, So I'm Gonna Build a RTW Bike?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by PacWestGS, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Good for you for putting this together! I know aboslutely nothing about riding around the world, metal vs. pelican cases or thumpers for that matter. I do however, know about motorcycle lighting and pluses and minues on how to set that up.

    I would go with an HID conversion kit in your main headlight. If you have the funds, I would also go HID for aux lights, or put HID kits in halogen aux lights if there is clearance for the bulbs.

    Your light output will be dramatically better, but the light pattern will not be ideal as the reflectors are made for the shape and position of a halogen bulb. The advantages are:

    Lower power requirement than even standard halogen bulbs
    Brighter light
    Bulbs are not vibration sensitive as halogens


    Pattern is not optimal (however you might not even notice)
    You'll have to locate a mounting location for ballasts

    I would not worry about carrying extra parts for the HID lights as if you have a failure, you can simply remove the HID bulb, and replace with a stock halogen IF you have wired it for an easy change. I doubt seriously that you would have a failure though.


    Good luck!