older BMW cars

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    +1 "....from what I can see in the photos, and proper maintenance is everything to the lifespan of these cars. I absolutely would not buy one without a complete verifiable maintenance history, but if you can find one that has been well cared for, then I'd jump on it in a heartbeat."

    As i mentioned before, I've had several BMW's. Buying a 'certified' used one or one that's been owned by rich/anal previous owner, but may have ~100K miles on it, is the best way to go. If the previous owner can't document in detail that the big items have been taken care of, these things can be a huge money pit.
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    Exactly, the 16 or 17 inch wheels tie the hole car together but the winter setup is understandable.
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    There is an E28 turning to dust in my neighbor's yard, too far gone.

    I also like the E34, but finding a clean one is next to impossible up here.

    I went to see the 2000 540 M-Pack today, dark green, grey interior, I has never seen that combo, the plastics are green inside, weird. Unfortunately the car needs mechanical work, and different sections of the car were repainted at different times, colors don't match, it kinda looks goofy. And green plastics??? flashback from the 70's

    I'm quickly running out of options, hopefully the owner of the car I saw last week will be back from Florida tomorrow and he will still be in a selling mood, I should know for sure on Tuesday.