One of the best Laos ride reports i've every seen

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    A couple of guys just went through north Laos on the new Honda CRF 250 L's. These are the steel framed, consumer version of the CRF 250, that retail for around USD$ 4,800 in Thailand, not bad value for money.

    This is one of the best documentations of a trip i've ever seen in Laos, the writer captures the moment perfectly.

    a piece of it here:

    16th November

    I'd been to the incredible Site One before but Alan hadn't and it was on his 'Bucket List'.
    We were on the road early and at the site by 7-30, well before the mini-buses and other tourists arrived and, importantly, while the eerie fog was still enveloping the area.
    Even thought a sign says the site opens at 8am it is possible to enter earlier.
    And that's what I recommend; get there early.

    The place is already eerie.
    Add fog and it is simply spooky.

    So here's a tour of Site One during the fog and also after the sun had burnt it off.
    Apparently there are 334 jars and jar fragments at this site.
    The biggest jar actually has a personal name, 'Khun Jeuam' and it has an estimated weight of 6 tonnes.
    Yes, imagine the transportation of these jars if they weren't made in the immediate area!



    Mig fighters


    It's a huge report, more here if you want to read it, i loved it