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    Jul 18, 2010
    Have you ever said to your buddy, "hey, why don't we just go for a quick one after dinner?" Then have it turn into an epic?

    That's what happened last night. The best layed plans.... oh wait, there was no plan. Exhibit "A"

    I'm on a great bike, a Beta 450RR, he's on a Suzuki 250 4s, so we thought we'd have a fun, and short, technical ride in amongst some of the fantastic mountain bike trails here on the West Coast of Canada. There's endless technical stuff to play in, usually joined by quad trails or logging roads where you get to open it up, jump a little bit, and go fast in between the first gear stuff.

    The first two trails went great, so great in fact, we decided that "one more" would be a good idea. In retrospect - not such a good idea!

    It was a trail neither of us had been on before, winding its way around a good sized lake, and it turned out to be VERY technical. Well, maybe "technical" isn't the best use of language in this particular instant. A #*@^ slog would be more accurate.

    Our tools of choice would prove to be very wrong for the job - a trail that perhaps a trials bike, mountain bike, or even some hiking boots would have been more at home on.... Did I mention we were just going for a short one? Egro no food, water, or camera. How I would have dearly loved to have some photos of this!

    It didn't take long to get into some pretty tight stuff, lots of log crossings, creeks, and root strewn sidehills. We decided to keep going thinking the trail was only a couple KM long.. turned out to be nearly 10.

    We started heating up from all the lifting, pushing, and swearing - the bikes weren't far behind with several boil overs, smoking clutches, and about 50 tip overs.... Eventually I decided it was time to let both me and the bike cool down a bike, so after peeling off the body armour for good, I lay on a rock in the lake with my head underwater... Much needed!

    After a 20min rest we got going again, just as the sun was setting through the trees, the trail was getting murky, and all with nearly 1/3 (unknown to us at the time) of the trail to go. I got a second wind an started to feel a bit better, but was literally at a point where I was wondering if I had the energy to keep working the clutch! Beat, totally beat. Never mind squeezing the damn thing between trees too narrow for it every 30ft.... I'd have paid big money for a chain saw!

    Finally we popped out onto one of the dirt bike/quad networks I know, and followed that back to the logging road. It's amazing. 5 minutes after contemplating walking out and coming back in the morning, or having the bike helicoptered out, or just throwing it the lake, we were all smiles ripping down the logging road towards the beer waiting in his fridge. The human mind is a funny thing.

    Anyway, the bike took a bit of a beating, tossing most of its coolant and gas, the clutch being ridden mercilessly, and more than a few drops. It seems to have come through it OK though, and she's been all cleaned up and re-lubed this AM.

    The long and the short of it is: We're both ready to go do it all over again! I think this is a disease. :freaky

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    Aug 16, 2002
    It's a therapeutic illness :thumb