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    Ditto to 27firehouse.
    Can you imagine how many crash videos would be on YouTube if everyone who threw their bike bike down the road had a guy with a video camera behind them...?
    Yes, he made a mess of the corner, it's pretty obvious, but like other comments already been made, seeing this sort of thing happen on the road is no laughing matter.
    Glad he lived, let alone had very minor injuries.:clap
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    It does suck and don't like seeing a rider get in trouble like that but I couldn't see any reason to go off the road in that manner. If I am leaving the highway my pegs will be scraping at least
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    Jul 3, 2009
    Now that we are back on topic-

    Watching the vid it seems obvious the rider had plenty more lean left while the only thing obvious to the rider was impending guardrail strike.

    Several years back, after being out of the saddle for a while, my friend and I were riding twisty rural two lane probably a little too fast with him in the lead when we came upon a downhill, left hand turn through an overpass for train tracks. He never hit his brakes but I remember watching him lean, and continue to lean, through the corner and exit. As I entered with all intention of leaning similarly, my focus shifted to the abuttment of the overpass and I found myself braking instead.
    Even now, I'm unclear how I didn't dump it (brute force not skill) but it was very close as I ended well onto the shoulder, front tire in the dirt.

    Sometimes the mind-body connection is lost, I guess.

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    To the OP.

    You were there, so what did happen? I assume you were the guy behind him?

    It initially looked to me like he panicked and over braked instead of riding it out. Like someone else here said .......... he had tons of lean left. (look at the guy riding in front of him)

    At one point I thought the white line got him too .............. but when I went back and watched it again, it was obvious that he was leaving a black streak before he got to the white line.

    I never could get a read on his brake light? Was it on?

    That almost made me wonder if it was a mechanical failure? Something lock up the rear wheel?

    Was this guy really not seriously hurt? If not, that was truly amazing! Lucky dude.

    Thanks for the info.
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    You don't like to know what I thought when it happened. It was a huge hit, plain with his chest on the beam. The beam you see on the right was not properly planted, but the one he hitted was, and he moved it from the ground.

    He was tired (he stated so just a few minutes before we started a technical stop), it was a very long route in a very hot day, we all sweated a lot. About the turning point he realizes he wont be able to turn the bike into the apex, he panicked (SR's, target fixation) blocked his rear wheel brake, and he hitted exactly to where he was looking at. Big, strong and lucky guy.
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    Looked to me like he may have hit oil.
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    It's good that he's ok. It reminded me my own own experience.

    First time riding w/ a group as a noob, I told the leader that I was a rookie. Before taking off, he came to me & said: "You got knobbies, ride careful w/ your own speed. Don't try to catch me/us, we'll wait for you." I took his advice.

    30 minutes later, my bike & my right leg were sliding along the guard rail (almost the same as shown on the video) for a few yards. I was praying for not hitting any huge bolt :). My bike & my leg did not have any scratch afterward.

    About another 30 minutes later or so, another rider almost die around a corner. He was racing w/ the leader. He was perfectly ok also but his bike got some damages.

    Since then, I don't ride with my group without him (the leader). A very nice & humble guy, but he's so good w/ his bike.