OR 199 / IBA planning advice needed

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    Oct 31, 2006
    Hey kids!

    I'm thinking doing an SS1K from Bellingham WA to Oakland CA in a few weeks (March 22/23) Since that's not quite 1K miles I need to add some fiddling. Jumping from I-5 to 101 via OR199 adds some miles, but I wonder if it's not a realistic IBA route? :scratch

    My vague plan is leaving Boringham at 5pm, taking i-5 south for 5ish hours, resting in Eugene area from midnight to 4am or so. That should put me through Grant's pass the next morning, so I'd be starting 199 around 6am (I think).

    I'd assume that 6am on a Sunday isn't the worst time to pass through there for traffic. However, I'm not sure the weather or road conditions on that route would make it impractical, or how much slower that stretch will be? I know 101 down through CA is pretty quick for most of that route. I'm also likely to deal with some traffic in the SFBA, but I lived there for 20 years and I'm comfortable lane splitting, hope I will be good enough on time to afford some 40/50mph sections once I get down there.

    My math on the time is ~17 hours of driving, ~2 hours gas stops, and ~5 hours to top, rest, and get going again in Eugene. 17 hours is an average of 58mph, which seems doable given the amount of the route that's 70mph capable without getting the po-po in a twist. This would be my first IBA, so maybe that's just stupid and I don't know how to plan this sort of thing, but it makes sense to me at this point.

    My other route options are I-5 with extra miles by trying to hit Sacramento, or maybe just going farther south (like Salinas etc), or even trying to get to Reno as a detour but that's a lot more non-freeway miles.

    Specific / general / usless advice all welcome.:ear