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    The challenge is on.

    Backstory: every year 3 of my old school mates and I catch up for a 3-4 day motorbike ride. We all now live in different States, spread over 2000 miles. We rotate hosting between hometowns. Usually we fly in and hire bikes but one mate is currently going through a divorce and is too broke to meet the full cost.

    This year the ride is in my town (Melbourne, Australia) And i'm responsible for planning. I'd like to do something that combines my love of motorbike building with our annual ride but I've got to do it cheap so my broke mate only has to meet flight and beer costs.

    So my plan is to buy four 1970s 100cc 2-stroke motor cross bikes for under $300 each (which I'll sell after wards). Get them running and set a weekend of challenges.

    I've got until November to get the bikes on the road and get planning.

    So I'm looking for help with setting up some challenges. I'm thinking of a cross between Race Around the World and Top Gear.

    So far I've come up with 4 challenges and a few Roadblocks:

    1. Wheels-off. Start of the first day give them a spanner and a bike with wheels removed. Wheels will be concealed somewhere nearby.

    2. The River Styx: give them enough petrol to get to get to the first river and then put the 1st petrol can on the other side of the river. Maybe I'll give them a rope and a pair of gumboots too.

    3. Orientbeering: race from one country pub to another via trails, taking photos of specified landmarks on the way. For every landmark you miss on the way, you have to buy a round of beers at the end of the day.

    4. Race up P*ssweak Mountain: starting at 4 separate points at the bottom of a small mountain, all participants follow a set trail to the top but have to meet particular challenges on the way up (knitting challenge, feather boa challenge, Lycra challenge, etc).

    Any other ideas?
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    Yeah, take lots of pics! Sounds like fun.
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    Briliant! Great way to keep in touch with old friends and a good way to make it more affordable for the (un?)lucky one.