OSM (OpenStreetMap) Editors on Two Wheels

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by BustinJustin, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. BustinJustin

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    Oct 6, 2012
    Quito, Ecuador
    Hi folks,

    Recently I've been impressed that the best map source that I've found for Ecuador is OpenStreetMap. Not only is it free, but I can improve it when I want and the changes benefit the whole community.

    It's also a blast finding new roads, and exploring past the boundaries of the map on my dual-sport. Generally after I find these roads I contribute back to OSM using the editing tool JOSM.

    Anyone else exploring and mapping with OSM on your bikes?

    Finally, please drop me a line if you're in Ecuador and want to go on a mapping expedition, or to come along on some of the routes that I've found!
  2. Myway

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    Jan 2, 2007
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    Yes,I do this.

    Not only on the bike but also on the PC.

    You can use bing in JOSM as underground.

    Because you can use bing, you may draw the track


    then when you are there you can set the


    you can put barrier in and set access tags for motorcycles.

    openstreetmap is the only mapbase with motorcycle access tags

    so i did some in Argentina dakar country tracks, bing underground.