OSO LOCO!! KTM 990s attack Colorado, Utah, and the best of the TAT

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What did the Osos do after Lica's hit in Hell's Gate?

  1. Hit the 911 button on Lica's spot and waited for search and rescue

  2. Called Radek's cop buddy and got a TOY 4x4 extraction

  3. What's the problem? He rode out with one hand and no throttle - OSO!!!

  4. With the engineering flow chart, WD-40 and duct tape - trail repair, baby!

  5. Flagged down a tour jeep and put the bike in the back with some French tourists

  6. This is just a ploy to buy time and still act like you're working on the report, isn't it?

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  1. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Thanks, David!
    That was a fun read. Your first day was a long one!!
    Sorry about your mirror. :cry
    3 daves and 2 todds!


    Awwww! :raabia

    bigdon, is that your pup??
    I remember you posted this one last time...


    Someone is growing up!!
    So cute! Thanks for the pics. :D
    Give your doggie some behind-the-ear scratches for me!

    Hiya cyborg!
    I'm glad you found us :D
    wooo! '07 990S! getting harder and harder to find one...they keep getting totaled for some reason. :cry

    Hmmm. I'm not really thinking about Colorado at the moment, but I did google the Rainbow Trail...

    I suck at research, I can only do it just before we leave on a trip,
    but I found a couple things and will stick them here for future reference...(and for anyone else who is curious)

    ADV thread Rainbow Trail GPS tracks
    Rainbow trail ride report on Everytrail (haven't read it yet, just bookmarking now)

    Thanks for the suggestion! :evil

    Thanks for the link, Ladybug!

    24 hr race on big bikes! :wink:

    Radek's representing the Osos on this one...
    Matt said, "Hmph. no one told me about it. :eek7:dirtdog :lol3"

    Good luck Radek and the rest of the heavyweights!!


    Hi Joel! Thank you!
    haha, OK, no little bikes. :deal

    Next one??
    You guys are always talking about the "next one!" :nono



    oh my goodness, j2beers! :eekers

    "gods??" :eek7 "demigods?" "masters??"


    Now you're just being silly.
    You're trying to get us struck by lightning!!

    I know it's simply RR zeal and you (and everyone else who has said insanely nice things here) are just being generous and sweet...
    (muchas gracias!)

    We're just a dumb, middle-aged couple who enjoys being in the dirt.
    Sometimes, waaaay down in the dirt...



    That's it.
    Nothing special here. :nah
    We just don't mind testing to see what's unimpossibler. :D

    Sounds like you guys had a nice ride - and no snow yet!
    By the way - what the hell are Radek and Lica doing on a "Newbie ride??" :dirtdog


    Thanks so much for your RR support and enthusiasm!
    P.S. Radek's bike is one of the lightest ones - no crash bars, no side racks, only 1 front rotor...
    his 990 is probably 20lbs lighter than ours....

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  2. bigdon

    bigdon Long timer

    Dec 12, 2005
    Yes LittleWan That's Rambo! He heads the Security Department at the Ranch. He does have a lighter side ! :rofl

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  3. Caymen8

    Caymen8 Been here awhile

    Apr 15, 2009
    Rocky Mountain High
    Absolutely awesome!!!! :clap:clap:clap:clap

    I enjoyed every minute of this ride report. Great writing, great humor, and great photos. You all look like a wonderful (wan-derful?) bunch of people. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into the report. It was certainly worth it to all of us following along!
  4. Bob

    Bob Formerly H20Pumper

    Sep 25, 2002
    Corral de Tierra CA, Ketchum ID
    Thanks to all the Oso's especially the LittleWan for another awesome Ride!
  5. OldTriumphRider

    OldTriumphRider Livin the Dream

    Mar 14, 2009
    Smoky Mts
    I read all your R.R.s and never take the time to reply, but this one was special to me as our little group spent 2 weeks in the same area a couple weeks after you'al , Moab and Ouray ! Fun area ....

    We felt like Oso's on 450 KTM's only we were dubbed as the AARP Tour ...lol ,,, while at Newspaper Rock we were accused of stealing our grandkids dirt bikes ,, what a hoot... Hey I didn't have to get back home to go back to work though ! :rofl

    I love your reports , I know it takes a ton of time to write and post , but it is enjoyed by so many..

    Ride safe ,,, well that never lasts very long ,just have fun !
    If you ever come to E.Tn. you have a place to stay , Matt can even use my shop , maybe teach me something about my 990 ADV , great bikes..


    You guys are the best , love to meet all the Oso's someday!
  6. MTrider16

    MTrider16 Ridin' in MT

    Oct 16, 2006
    Eastern Montana

    I'm a little embarrassed, the report is not done. However I did have to show you the pics of the pretty new bikes.

  7. j2beers

    j2beers Taxpayer

    May 23, 2009
    North Vancouver, BC
    Somebody needs to show the rest of us what can be done. Radek and Lica did that in spades. Inspiring!
  8. JoeMongo

    JoeMongo ¿Por dónde?

    Dec 9, 2004
    SF Bay Area, not exactly dirt moto heaven
    I'm missin' my daily dose 'o osos.

    Thanks for the epic ride report Kelly!
  9. Teli Rides

    Teli Rides Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2011
    Mexico City
    Between this and the Baja Wan-Thousand! You are the true moto-heros! .. I want to be like you guys when I grow up :D

    Thank you very much for the amazing report! If you happen to ride in central Mexico one of these days tell me and I'll invite you some cold ones :freaky...

  10. elron

    elron Still Standing

    Jul 15, 2010
    Scott Walker Hell
  11. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Rambo! He's adorable. :raabia
    Thanks again for the photos - that great upsidedown pup cheered me up. :D
    Nothing like a good dog to make you smile.

    I was feeling a bit sad yesterday, it was my dear departed LD's birthday.
    It has been a while, but I still miss him like crazy.

    LD was an adventurer, he loved Baja. We spent a lot of time in the Sea of Cortez.


    here he is on the hiking path above San Juanico. (scroll halfway down the page)


    and he loved Death Valley, too.



    For the dog lovers - have you seen this book? It was Matt's favorite book as a kid,
    my mom found him this copy...



    It's a really fun book. You might be able to find it at your local public library.
    Motorcycle Mutt by Ed and Ruth Radlauer

    thank you, Caymen8!
    I'm pleased you rode along with us! :D

    Thanks, Bob!
    You know I'll be on the lookout for more fire trucks for you...

    Hi Ronnie!
    I'm really glad you enjoyed the report, and how fun that you were just there...
    Thank you so much for the generous offer, that's really kind of you!

    I know you're Orange through and through...
    Not just for KTM, but...
    GO VOLS! :clap


    No worries, it was a fun read!
    also, that Three Forks Ranch doesn't raise anything...
    It's a fancy-pants luxury resort and spa.
    Matt and I rode past there on the CDT and i did some research for the ride report.


    winter rates are something like $700-995 a night, per person :eek1

    website: three forks ranch

    heh, I was just teasing those guys. :evil
    Even though they are Osos, Radek and Lica are still well-mannered Canadians!
    I'm sure they were awesome!
    It's fun to watch them ride. :ricky

    Aw, thanks Jonathan. :d
    I know, I think the Osos miss it, too. :cry

    Here, I have a photo for you...

    Matt didn't want to overuse pics of himself in the Rubicon posts, so he left this one out.
    I like it, though.


    I didn't respond to a bunch of comments during the Rubicon posts and the ending,
    I'm sorry you guys!
    We were slammed with work, and it was hard to get everything posted (and still eat and sleep).
    But, hopefully the general thank you curtsey was adequate!
    we did appreciate them just as much as all the others. :nod

    Just a couple...

    Thank you AJ990R!
    Yes! Don't let anyone else set your limits :thumb

    Of course people can say, "I can't ride _____ on a big bike"
    that's totally valid. and completely acceptable.

    We just don't want people saying, "You can't ride _____ on a big bike."
    There's a difference.

    Well, wait - how do you know we can't?
    Maybe we're a lot stupider than you are. :lol3

    Anyway, thanks for signing in!
    Glad you enjoyed the report.

    You're welcome fletch123!
    thank you so much for your comments - your photos and observations really added to the report!
    You never told us about the workaround you and Sharpie took, but it must have been something.

    Haha, I'll tell Matt about the Fordyce Jeep trail.
    I'm sure if Radek sees that, he'll put in on our list for next time. :huh

    Thanks again - and if Sharpie is still looking for a 990, tell him to check out the bay area CL.
    2008 990 S :deal

    Thank you, Teli Rides!
    Thanks for reading. :D
    Hey, some day we might take you up on that offer! :deal
    Maybe you can pick out some nice trails for us to ride...
    Hmmm... :hmmmmm

    Would we get to meet your cute avatar? :D

    It's great to see them out there!
    Wooo! 2 up in the dirt :clap
    Glad to see it. :D :thumb

    Thanks for thinking of us,
    But, Matt and I aren't looking for riding partners - we have our Osos. :raabia
    and we still like to ride by ourselves, too.



    What we need is a 2 up offroad race, though.
    Deep sand, rock gardens, and no walking...
    Now that would be fun. :evil

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  12. redog1

    redog1 KTM 690R

    Sep 4, 2009
    Magalia, CA./ Butte & Siskiyou C.
  13. mathews42

    mathews42 Been here awhile

    Jun 4, 2012
    Three forks ranch is a Hunting / fly fishing destination for the "elite." Prices are insane though. I wouldn't mind doing some guiding up there :deal
  14. larryboy

    larryboy Chopper Rider

    Jan 9, 2005
    Über Alles,California
    Thanks for the report from all the OSO's!!!

    Loved the whole thing!!

  15. davidbrundage

    davidbrundage Been here awhile

    Mar 18, 2008
    costa mesa, ca
  16. DingWeed

    DingWeed Been here awhile

    Apr 12, 2009
    4 Corners
    GREAT RR Guys!!!!!!:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap

  17. K_N_Fodder

    K_N_Fodder Long timer

    Nov 1, 2006
    Ten Sleep, WY
  18. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Great to hear from you redog1, mathews42, and larryboy! :wave

    Well, if you go back to the link I used, you can buy a copy for 6 bucks. :deal

    Here's the "you can't ride on those big bikes" video, embedded:

    <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/x76VEPXYaI0" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" width="480"></iframe>

    Holy crap! :eek1
    I concur! No big bikes!


    That's insane. What I don't understand is how he did that and only got 2nd place. :huh

    Matt says, thanks for making us feel inadequate, Justin!


    In other news, Ten Sleep Brewing Company is open for business!
    Congratulations, Justin!


    Too bad we're almost 1200 miles away!
    Someone who's closer to Ten Sleep, WY - go check it out okay? :deal


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  19. LittleWan

    LittleWan You can do it!

    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA

    Thanks for joining us, Scott! :wave

    Hey, remember when we ran into DingWeed in Monticello?
    He was on a super secret mission.


    Sounds like it all went through!
    Congratulations, Scott! :clap Good luck with the Ranch!

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  20. TwilightZone

    TwilightZone Long timer

    Dec 2, 2008
    Behind the Redwood Curtain
    >"Here's the "you can't ride on those big bikes" video, embedded:"

    Hmmm... KRM 990... does a 50' backflip... over a 70' gorge!