Our "little" two wheel friends

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    Antigravity Batteries has a jump box that will start any two-wheeler or Toyota Tundra. It's 5x3x1 and weighs 12 oz. It includes a 5v USB outlet to charge your phone or tablet in the boonies too. Cool stuff.

    Of course if you ride a Vespa none of that matters because they have a kick start and magic button.

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    and everyone waves at me when I'm riding the scoot, more than when I'm on either of my bigger bikes.

    Scoots just make more sense for round town riding. My DR650 is fun around town, the Tiger...not so much, but the scoot kicks ass around town.:D
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    Depends on your Vespa model - the ET 4 we used to have had a kick start but the GTS 250 doesn't. I don't think any of the fuel injected models have a kick, you need an older carb model if kick start is important to you.
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    Over ten years ago, I used to be one those guys who looked down on scooters. It was an ego thing. They weren't very popular at the time so I was able to trade an old beater sportbike for a nearly new 50cc Yamaha Zuma. My wife decided she wanted it and I thought it would test her to see if she wanted a motorcycle.

    At the time I had a 600cc sportbike and a Honda Shadow 750 cruiser. My how things have changed since then!
    We added a topbox to that Zuma and she loved it so much she that didn't want to upgrade. After the cops finally realized it was legal to drive a 50cc without plates, I added a 70cc kit. I soon realized I wasn't riding my sportbike at all, and only took the cruiser on highway runs. The sportbike was sold and another scooter was added.

    Now that I'm looking for another bike, guess what? I'm shopping for a scooter (250cc-ish). Then a top box and hello grocery store! :D
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    Right on!
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    You young bucks that look down your nose at scooterists I hope you have the genes, the brains, and the luck to live long enough to make it to the place where you have not a care what other people think of your rides.

    The last eight years I have had a scooter, Cub, or Passport in the corner of the garage. I ride it about 500 to 1000 miles a year. It's not much of the 20 to 30K a year I ride on two wheels but the trips are short and the numbers just don't add up although I try to ride it once a week like the other bikes. Most of it comes in trips to the hardware or grocery store where I just don't want to get one of the motorcycles out and gear up. Once in a while I ride it 75 to 150 miles on a mini adventure tour. I plan the roads and time so I am not holding up traffic and putting myself at unreasonable risk. I have to drive a fleet car in my job so motorcycle miles are always recreational miles.

    Ever since the first ride on a Briggs and Stratton minibike as a teenager the movement and freedom of riding brings a smile to my face. I don't have to be setting out on a 3000 mile trip or doing 140 mph although those things are really fun too, just other facets of riding. Just being on two wheels is fun.