Out looking for trouble in Norway on two bikes.

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    Dec 23, 2008

    Instead of doing the usual routine of a written trip report, I decided to take the 200GB of video recorded and put together a quick video of it.
    Did not bother subtitling nor explaining any locations.
    That said, any things uttered are probably related to taking a dump or complaining about the greedy mosquitoes.

    Hopefully this will be enjoyed by some of you lads.
    Filmed under three weeks, leaving from Oslo going north.
    Then panic back when some of us needed to be back at work.

    I personally had to get bike and myself back down to Ireland after the trip.

    Unfortunately, youtube takes away a lot of the bitrate converting it from 40Mbps down to around 4Mbps, so a lot of quality has been lost.
    If you feel like its worth downloading 6GB of a single video file, feel free to download it from my Skydrive for the intended experience.

    In any case, if you want to see how Norway looks like, with some parts of northern Finland and Sweden. Follow the link below. Enjoy!

    1920x1080, 40Mbps bitrate, 6Gb file for download in x264; (10x better)

    00:00 - 02:02 Daft Punk - Outlands (Tron Legacy OST)
    02:02 - 04:38 Daft Punk - Solar Sailer (Tron Legacy OST)
    04:38 - 06:26 The Flashbulb - The History of Rain (Opus at the End of Everything)
    06:33 - 10:14 Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band - A Special Morning (A Special EP)
    10:40 - 14:24 The Flashbulb - Terra Firma (Terra Firma EP)
    15:03 - 19:00 Ugress - An Evening With The Enemy (Wulfhöken Spaceport Affairs)
    19:00 - 24:52 Sigur Rós - Svefn-g-englar (Inni)