Over and out for racing at Schleiz?

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    Hello out there,
    for sure, just a small number of people here has heard of motorcycle- and car-racing at Schleiz at the so called 'Schleizer Dreieck'. This is a small-town in Germany, in the eastern part of our country, formerly called the GDR. Since the opening of the barriers in 1989 everybody can go there now. And in 2013 it would be 90 years of racing there!
    Beside being a great fan of off-road-riding my wife Iris and me are very fond of classic-racing. Up-to-date, depending on money and time, we haven't attended the races there. But a lot of our classic-racing friends are regular competitors there.
    Now somebody has called the lawyers to stop racing at Schleiz and in a first attempt the court has followed his opinion. It's a pity that nearly 90 years of racing should be stopped because of one person. And because of his so called reasons that in reality might be worth a second look.
    It would be nice if some of you, especially those who watched the races or even raced there, would take a look at this open petition and maybe even join it:
    For further questions feel free to contact me via pn. In case of translation-problems I'm pretty sure that I can help. If I can't answer your questions I will try to find somebody for you to do so.
    Certainly there must have been international audience to the races and it would be nice to show the supporters at Schleiz that there is international interest in keeping the races running!
    Thanks for your attention and kind regards, Bambi