Parris Island 2 MCRD San Diego

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    I just competed a 50CC on my Wee Strom and am in the process of submitting my paperwork to the Iron Butt Association.

    I had a lot of help in the form of suggestions that made the ride possible, the best piece of advice was "plan your ride, then ride the plan". I left Parris Island at 0541 on Saturday, 3/16 and arrived at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego at 2400, Sunday, 3/17. 46 hrs, 19 minutes. My moving average speed was 73 mph and 61 mph including rest stops. This was my fourth Iron Butt ride and the longest, but I didn't need to speed or do anything foolish to complete it.

    I'm posting this because I think there are a lot of Adventurers out there in lots of different shapes, sizes and desires. Some are dirt, others relaxed travel, some any kind of travel on two wheels. I would like more folks involved in our sport regardless of the form it takes. I see a lot of young people not jumping in because they (convinced by advertisers) feel they need 15-20K superbikes to enjoy the world of motorcycling. Well, if an old fart of 58 can do this on a Wee, all those younger folks or any others can sure do it.

    This is a great time for motorcycling. There are some really phenomenal bikes coming out, with super potential for adventuring and they are relatively inexpensive. Forums like this, Stromtroopers, KLR650, IBA are making so much information available, and everyone is so friendly..So, JUMP IN.....

    For others thinking about a ride of this nature, I have found the Iron Butt site a real resource and the members of the Association to be truly friendly and supportive of safe, long distance riding.
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    Congrats on the ride.
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    Damn. :eek1

    Glad you had a good ride.
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    I read your report of the iron butt forum, great ride!
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    That's pretty damn hard core! Stock or aftermarket seat on your bike for this run? And how much time does one need to recover after a ride like that?