Pattaya Bike Week 2013

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Asiarider, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Dec 8, 2011
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    Almost 6,000 US dollars for 12 days in that area is just plain ridiculous.

    This is ~$500/day in a region where a gorgeous hotel room will run you about $30-$50 bucks, and a Kawasaki Er-6 will run you another $35/day and most local food is dirt cheap.

    They are spending 4 days in Malaysia/Indonesia/Singapore that will be more expensive, but this is quite a price tag for a tour that won't even give you your own room to sleep in. I guess this is aimed at people are just have to do their ride on a Haley no matter what and are willing to pay a big premium for it because there are no Harleys in that region and import taxes are gigantic.

    This is SE Asia - one of the most budget places on Earth to ride. For this price, I would be expecting a tour in Europe or Africa - not SE Asia.

    I've ridden the Thailand side of this route and it's nothing special as far as riding goes. I am looking at their route map and most of those roads are very straight, very boring and not scenic. I figured that if they're doing Kanchanaburi , they will at least loop around Bangkok, but nope; they're going straight through which is just concrete jungle. Pretty stupid routing considering that they don't have a stop scheduled in Bangkok.

    So in summary, as far as riding goes, this is a pretty crappy route. That said, I enjoyed the ride mostly to see the Deep South and see the Muslim side of Thailand. It's one of the few places in Thailand that isn't touristy. So I enjoyed my time in Hat Yai, Tak Bai, Sadao, Satun, etc, primarily for the travel aspect of it, not for the riding part of it.
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    I actually didn't realize there is a Muslim part of Thailand. That's not good, talk about a culture clash. It will destroy anything Thai, about Thailand. :cry
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    I would agree the route seems pretty much boring fairly straight highways. Dealing with Thai traffic could keep it interesting..... albeit in a negative kind of way. I have survived at least 140,000 km here, unscathed, but you sure do have to have your wits about you.

    For $6,980 (Singapore) it should include single rooms with hot & cold running stray; it does seems a tad over priced. You could DIY for much less, flying in, hiring a Harley (or whatever turns you on) closer to the venue, and cut out the long hot ride to get there.

    Big Bike Weeks in Thailand are not really about motorcycling as such; they are more about big bikes, posing, connecting and partying..... cool if that's your thing.

    There is some good riding to be had in Thailand, especially in the mountainous North. The Mae Hong Son Loop (from Chiang Mai) is one many come to ride.

    Culture in Thailand is more diverse than many realise..... or that the powers that be care to let on! About 5% of the total population is Muslim, with most of them being in the South. In the southernmost three provinces the majority are Muslim.

    In Phuket, where I am based at present, about 35% are Muslim. At the university where I teach I guess more than half the students are Muslim; in some classes i have taught it has been 90%. Animist Sea Gypsies make maybe 5% of the local population. There are long established Hindu and Sikh communities, and even a small Jewish group (migrated down from Bangkok, I gather). There are quite a few local Christians of various denominations as well. Buddhists are only just in the majority, and even then it is mixed with worship of Chinese gods.
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    Thailand is an amazing place to ride. Along the South side will be beaches and islands both on the West and East side.
    The Muslim South offers real off the beaten path type of riding through dense Tropical Forest/Jungle. The North West offers really good riding especially along the Myanmar Border onwards to Mae Hong Song to Pai. North of Chiangmai all the way looping the border of Myanmar that meets Laos is also great riding, after which the road follows the mighty Mekong. The Isaan Province along the North Eastern side is another unmissable place to ride.

    Its very easy to budget for a Thailand Ride, and certainly not worth paying an arm and a leg to the Tour Operators.

    Just go to Chiangmai and pick up a 650 ER6, a GPS with a Thai map and off you go. The bike would be around USD80, food USD 30, Fuel USD 20, and accomodation at USD35. That makes your daily all inclusive total at USD
    130 per day.
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    That's not a very clever thing to say there
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    Yep. Clearly came from someone who has never been there. Well, his loss indeed. And also the loss of any rider who is taken in by that statement.

    About the tour; if you're starting out from Singapore, and fly through Malaysia in just 2 - 3 days using the highway, I'd just advise you to take a car instead. The Malaysian highway is super straight, super smooth with not a bump you can use a Harley hardtail and have no issues running at 160kph/100mph.
    Malaysia is about the backroads, aout riding the Est Coast where nice curvy roads hugs the deep blue South China Sea, passing quaint fishing villages nestled amidst coconut groves.

    If you need to get to the Burapa Bike Week, fly to Bangkok, pick up an ER6 or something similar, enjoy Pattaya ( cheap chicks, floor shows, jetskis ) if that's your thing, the head east to the Cambodian Border and go to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat. Or head Northwards toward Isaan Province and ride the ruraltwisties there up to Phu Chi Fa. Really great riding in that area and you can do all this for not more than USD200 per day - bike/gas/food/lodging.

    I've done this on my own GSA for just USD 120 per day, and that's by staying in nice hotels and not guesthouses.