Perth to ayers rock, potentially by way of kalgoorlie, tips?

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by adimurp, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Aug 1, 2011
    perth western australia
    Hi all, i'm planning a trip on the ttr600 from perth to ayers rock and back. My pal joining me will be in a 4x4 so single track is probably ruled out. If anyone has done this trip or has any maps or routes any help would be much appreciated. We are both british and so are planning/learning the route completely from scratch. leaving on the 1st of september. cheers Adi
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    Jul 3, 2008
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    the great central desert road is go to leonora then its a pretty good dirt road with maybe a few sandy spots along the can go visit gwalia a ghost town before you hit the dirt.then there are good stops for camping(800M off the road out of sight!!) and roadhouses for fuel and are supposed to get a permit from the aboriginal communities to pass through.i did but no one asked me or even checked it .when you arrive from perth side you can look at uluru for free from this side so camp nearby so you can have a day there then bolt on through.the mereenie loop road is worth a look after ayers rock but after the central desert you may get people shock.i have done this trip with a gsa1200,drz400 and in 4wd .i liked it best on the gsa although she was a bit of a handful in the sand(let the tyres down a tad helps).
    then you could head south and look at the flinders ranges and head back to perth via the nullabor,norseman,hayden(wave rock dirt road bypassing kal).
    i only suggest this route because of the time of year and heading the northern way back will get a lot hotter.
    hope that helps and if you need any more info i am also in perth now.
    p.sget at least two fly nets each to insure your sanity !!