Philadelphia to Deadhorse (and back) July 2010

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    On June 29th (after work) I'll leave Philadelphia bound for Deadhorse. The ride should be about 10,370 miles and I'll have 33 days to get there and back.</br>
    The lower route is the way out and the upper route is the way back.


    My most recent adventure was in 2007 when I rode from Philadelphia to California and back. That ride was only 7,120 miles and I did it on an '07 LT.
    The ride was awesome but the stock seat was painful!
    I don't know how BMW can build such awesome bikes and such lousy seats. Again, the lower route is the way out and the upper route is the way back.


    This time around I'll be riding my '10 GSA which is totally awesome.


    I'm using this ride to raise money for Native American women who are the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and their children.
    I'm riding for them because they are so often forgotten and so routinely neglected.
    It's unfortunate and tragic what happened in Haiti but eventually Haiti will be rebuilt and back to normal but Native American women will still be getting raped.
    I believe no one should ever be raped let alone women who had to carry an unfair share of the inequality the Native American people have had to suffer.

    All the proceeds from my ride will go to the South Dakota Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
    They are a small non-profit organization of dedicated people determined to provide help to Native American women when it means the most.
    I've raise $3,000 already and my goal is to raise $10,370, which is $1 per mile of my ride.
    If you are considering, donations are accepted on their site.

    I'll be posting my adventures here and on my personal blog. A link to the donations site is on my site as well.

    Finally, the good guys at Philadelphia's own RevZilla have come to show their support for a fellow rider as well.
    After getting a look at my old, beat up combat boots they donated a new pair of adventure boots to the cause and have also allowed me to post my adventures on the RevZilla blog as well.

    Hopefully, this ride will be an adventure. Stay tuned and if you find yourself out riding I tend to look like this on good days