Photobucket have started to charge for third party posting.

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    I see you're new around here so I'll explain. Prior to 2015 the forum hosted only one pic per post, so for Ride Reports and other picture-dense threads it made much better sense, in fact it was encouraged, to use an online picture hosting service. Baldy didn't even really like the one pic per post because in the old days server capacity was more limited and more expensive to maintain -- and those pics took up a lot of space compared to text! As a result, many of us chose to use Photobucket which was cheap, reliable, fast, and easy to use.
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    You do know that hosting cost money...ADV is paying to host your photo.
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    Good explanation.
    I worked for several large forums, and hosting photos was all part of the game, so I never gave it a second thought.

    Honestly, in todays world, that cost would be pretty negligible.
    Assuming that the avg size web photo is 500K, (+/- 100k) a 1TB HD will hold around 2 million photos. Probably not that many on ADV rider currently.
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    In theory, you're absolutely right and not trying to be negative, but:
    1. Most folks don't down-size to post.
    2. ADV is the biggest of the international motorcycle forums by far. It very well may have 2 million photos. Baldy and contributors are paying that tab.
    (We each get pleasure from this place, so let's all donate!)
    3. We've also come to realize at work that between back-ups and copying to other uses, we pay for about 6 times the storage of the average image.