Picked up a diesel(!) Porsche Cayenne

Discussion in 'Shiny Things' started by NCGS, Sep 7, 2012.

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    Its about time we start seeing some decent TDi cars over here!

    Perfect timing, too. I've been looking for a new car to run my 140 mile a day commute, but would like something thats capable in heavy snow. I've heard great things about the Porsche up here.

    I, too, was looking at the Touareg.
  2. CodeMonkee

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    I read about the diesel Cayenne a couple of weeks ago - nice.

    But I want something a bit smaller - I think. I would have liked a diesel AWD Rabbit/Golf (VW makes one, but they don't import it into the USA) with a DSG transmission. Maybe a Tiguan with a diesel.

    The BMW X1 can be had with a diesel - in Europe or actually anywhere but the USA.

    Mazda makes their CX5 with a new diesel - but not in the USA.

    Lets' see - who else makes a small crossover with a diesel but doesn't bring it into the USA? I am probably leaving somebody out.

    I make a decent income, but I just bought a house/acreage so I don't have the cash to buy an expensive car and my Bimmer (3 series - paid for) is getting beat up on the road to the new house (it is on a mountain dirt road). Jobs come and go and now I have mortgage with little reserve cash, so I am strongly disinclined to take on car payments to boot.

    Looking at one of these tomorrow:


    If you are patient you can get them with a 3.2 liter Nissan diesel that produces a whopping 105 HP (if its the turbo - which was only used the last year they made them - 1980 - otherwise it is 80 HP)! Wow! Get out of my way Porsche drivers! Turbo diesel coming through! :D

    Seriously, the average speed on my hour long commute from the mountain into Portland is 30 MPH. Outside of the city it is mostly winding country road where the average speed is about 40 to 50 MPH, inside the city the average speed is much less, even when I get onto the highway (last 5 to 10 miles is highway).

    So I don't need a Porsche or BMW or Mercedes or anything like that. Would be nice - I like my Bimmer, but it isn't practical and it doesn't do good in the snow. I have a Dodge 3500 but it has a 12 foot flat bed and weighs almost 4 tons, so it isn't a practical commuter car either (I am converting it to an RV for dirt biking).

    So a small Scout with a small diesel will be okay. Probably going to put propane injection on it to get a little more power on the hills. Nice thing is that a decent one can be had for less than $10K and I can work on them myself - no electronic wizardry to have special equipment and training for.

    They aren't light (about 4K pounds) but they aren't a full sized truck either.
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    Sep 25, 2011
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    I have 275/45r20 blizzak dmv1 on the factory rims. Summer i run victor equipment zehn. Both have tpms and the car detects and correctly positions the new wheels in about 30 seconds of driving. No reset button or anything. It is quite amazing.

    The car is really capable in the snow, but the tires are so wide they can float so if you can get 18" wheels and a narrower tire that would be better.

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    Why's that? The Cayenne and T-reg are essentially the same car, same drivetrain, chassis and for the new diesel, same engine...why spend that extra $10k unless you re badge obsessed...which ofc isn't good or bad just 10k more expensive....
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    How positively un-american of you. :lol3

    Congrats on the new ride. I bet it's really comfortable, quiet and fun to drive as far as SUVs go.Hope it holds up for you over the long run.
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    I love the fact that we are starting to get some diesels over here, and I am sure the car is wonderful to own. But I am sorry, and no offense intended to anyone, I simply cannot get over how ugly the Cayenne is. Stylistically, it has absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever, just an amorphous blob on wheels. If VW are to be criticized for applying their 'family face' to the Tourag, at least it is successful. Porsche did the same with the Cayenne and ended up with what appears to be a 911 that ate all the pies.
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    Jun 24, 2012
    Cayenne Boo Boo. TLC's next big hit.