picking 1st bike for the girl

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    Two pages and 60+ posts and not one request for pictures of said girlfriend.

    You guys are slipping.
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    Dec 31, 2012
    When my misses passed her test we got her a Honda vfr400r. Sporty, great handling, confidence builder...... I absolutely loved it, still recon it was as good as my gsxr750j .......... Whatever you choose, enjoy......
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    Dec 25, 2012
    Don't know if you already pulled the trigger on a bike but here's my two cents being an owner of both a 250 Ninja, and a SV650s (first gen).

    The 250 is a no-brainer. It is upright, easy to control, easy to maneuver and financially sound as a first bike. You drop it - so what? Levers at $5 a pop, tires at $140 a set - life is good. It also teaches the rider how to ride in traffic with minimal power, how to use their body to properly lean the bike, and most importantly does not enable the rider to make freak accidents with minimal input. You can crank the the throttle on that puppy knowing you won't smash into a guard rail. You say she's a sky diver? Even all the more reason to get her a smaller bike as she understands aerodynamics and wind propulsion.

    The SV on the other hand is a V-twin torque happy machine. It has twice the hp as a 250 and is also financially more to maintain (tires, chain/sprockets, etc). It pulls faster off the line and has a lower ergo stance. Sure it is a fun bike, but why risk getting a bigger bike for a new rider? That can wait for down the road. She will appreciate it more having understood the basics, and will build a better foundation as an overall motorcyclist with a 250 under her belt.

    Bottom line I ask all new riders in this dilemma: Would you rather have a new driver get into a Honda Civic or a Lotus Elise? What is your loss if you start on the 250, learn, either like it or don't, versus, questioning if they hate it or worse, get into a bad accident cause they started on a bigger bike?

    (And for any new rider, a 250 has all the offerings that makes motorcycling exciting, if they don't, they never will) Good luck!
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    Most other sites I frequent would be TOGTFO on the first post! :D

    So my girl has had both the EX250 and the SV650. She loved the 250 and didn't like the engine braking torque of the 650. She's tiny though, at 5'4" and 110. We have her on a 696 now and she loves it though it's still a bit big for her.

    EX250 is a great all around bike if you don't mind not having any power!
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    I hate you.

    I would LOVE a VFR400R. Screw the Spouse Unit, I want one for ME.

    Alas, I've only even seen one of them in 20+ years, being a grey market import to the US of a grey market import to Canada.
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    My wife loves her CB400F. I liked it so much I bought another.

    They are really sweet little bikes and they turn grown men into children.

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    Almost like he said! My wife started with a '86 VFR500r. It was a great bike. I had more fun on that bike than on mine, a '04 Kawi Z750. There are a few lying around here and there.

    As for the EX250, that's the bike she now wants. I've taken an advanced riding class on a track around my area, a younger guy was on a ninja 250 and for the life of me I could NOT shake that 250 away from my ass! Sure I was pulling away from him on a straight line, but after every curve he was right the behind me!