Picnic in the (Peak District National) Park

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    Jan 31, 2007
    From the TRF directors:

    To All trail riders and Drivers.

    This coming Sunday we are planning a Picnic in the Park, to be held in the picnic area on Cherpit and Leys lane near Longstowe.

    Meeting point Picnic Site is on Cherpit Lane at the junction with Leys Lane (Grid Ref: SK 189 728).

    When we arrive I expect the lane to be blocked very early on by a farmer doing vital work and I expect the police to be there moving people on because they do not want to obstruct the main road, and at the end of the day the Anti's will be claimimg a victory over the evil enemy trailbikers and 4 x 4 drivers. The normal Press won't be interested other than to write up a bit on Friday and another bit on Monday because they don't work Sunday's.

    After each setback at the hands of the PDNPA we say that we have learnt that being "nice and gentlemanly" does not get us anywhere so we threaten to take our collective gloves off, roll up our collective sleeves and give the Authority what for......we then back off at the last minute and huddle in groups, having a chat about all the bad people, the lanes that are gone and previous trips we have enjoyed, maybe have a few conversations with the authorities and go home with a warm feeling because we feel that this time the message has got through.

    Bollocks, it's all bollocks........all we are doing is deluding ourselves.

    We have every right to use Leys lane and every other lane in the country and its about time we stood up and said so.

    Make a big enough fuss and the press will be there, if not this time, then next time. Get it on the front pages or on national TV and they will have to ask us why and we can tell them. The Peak District National Park Authority is discriminating against us and they are changing the rules as they go along to achieve it.

    We need to be there in numbers at first light, make a noise and stand our ground and if anyone stands in our way then confront them because they are the ones breaking the law.

    I am calling on every trailrider and 4 x 4 driver that wants to continue riding/driving the trails legally to be there in person on Sunday 1st of December and tell the Authority and the government that the lanes are our right, our Fathers and Grandfathers fought for them and, if need be, we are going to have to do the same.

    Now please put this on every forum, get all your mates out......i dont care who they ride/drive with only that they want to be able to ride legally on the lanes given to us and now being taken away.

    Mike Irving
    Communications Director TRF
  2. Pampera

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    Jan 31, 2007

    we must not argue, be aggressive or threatening in anyway.

    If your access is blocked simply ask why........AND WRITE IT DOWN and or Film it.......if in doubt call or text me.

    IF a Policeman asks you to move on, POLITELY ask him why and WRITE IT DOWN OR FILM IT.

    If asked what you are doing .....you are out on a ride on your legal motorcycle and you wish to ride down a legal lane and meet some of your fellow members at the picnic area. If you are disallowed ask why.........DONT ARGUE.

    If a member of the public bars you from travelling the lane.Ask for the reason why and ask them there name......AND WRITE IT DOWN and film it.

    PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES ..............if someone wants to stop us doing what is our legal right we need evidence....lots of it.

    IF IN DOUBT CALL OR TEXT ME 07860813578

    Mike Irving
    Chairman, Cambs TRF and National TRF Communications Director
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    Jan 6, 2007
    Downtown Wombatislava, England.
    How did the day go?
  4. Pampera

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    Jan 31, 2007
    Mike's report follows....

    Picnic in the Park was conceived in a pub near Buxton one October evening by a small group of determined green laners, angry at the way the Peak District National Park authority is chipping away at our hobby with impunity. We’ve tried counter-argument using science, compromise and reasoning, and even won in court only to be ignored, sidelined and marginalised.
    We had to try something different so we begun to look more closely at some of the personalities involved and Christopher Pennell came to the fore. Chairman of the Peak District National Park Authority’s Audit Resource and Performance Committee, Gold Guardian member of Friends of the Peak…got him, on a conflict of interests.
    But no, not this time, the PDNPA has changed the rules…apparently his private activities have no influence in the formation of policy and besides the decisions made are through clear and transparent deliberation by the ‘impartial’ committee.
    Back to the drawing board?
    But hold on. In any other set of circumstances what is happening in the Peak Park would be considered wrong. We are on the right track, we have to bring this travesty of justice to the attention of the public, the Authority and the government. We have to expose the veneer of impartiality and fair play for what it is. Even the TRO proposals are written as if they are already in place and the boxes are just waiting to be ticked off.
    The next lane on the list is Leys Lane, Longstone, potentially a battleground, with a history of confrontation and the subject of the TV documentary “Tales from the Park”.
    It’s well-surfaced but narrow, and ideal for a good management scheme. Lets get trail riders and drivers to call in and see us at the picnic site in Cherpit at around 12.00 for lunch, where we can have a get together, talk about where we are and what we need to do and where to go next: “A Picnic in the Park.”
    I expected that we might have trouble, I warned everyone to be ready and briefed what to do if the ‘antis’ turned up. I wanted to be in position nice and early so left my home in Cambridgeshire at 6.10 am on my trusty GS1200 Adventure with ice on the road and minus zero temperatures in the air.
    After I arrived at 8.20, I parked my bike in the picnic area and took a walk down into the village of Great Longstone. No one around but me, a bright blue sky, little or no wind and the Peaks looking their very best.
    I stepped up onto the verge to let a tractor go by with a wave and prepared myself for an interview, by telephone, for BBC Radio Derby.
    That over I begun walking back up the hill to see Steve Cartwright of the TRF walking down to meet me. We only ever meet when campaigning in the Peaks and he has been an inspiration to me. Soon to follow was Chris Mitchell from co-organisers the Green Lane Association and Peaks and Derbyshire Vehicle Users Group in his Land Rover, Wayne who had ridden his TTR from St Helens and Mick on his Suzuki DR350. Four riders from Cambridge, my own group, turned up along with maybe 150 more riders and drivers from all over the country in a steady stream until about 2.00pm when we decided to call it a day.
    What did we achieve?

    First objective: get a large group of green laners out enjoying the Peak District lanes, get them in one place at the same time and spread our message. Encourage them to email Jim Dixon, CEO of the PDNPA, and tell him he has a man with “vested interests” in banning recreational motor vehicles from the park running his ARP Committee and we do not accept his impartiality.
    Second objective: show the antis what real use of a lane is, not the more usual handful of riders and drivers. Still with very little noise, no damage and how a managed traffic-control system (one-way from the west for 4x4s) really does work if given the chance.
    Third objective: well as the antis didn’t turn up there was no confrontation, probably not a bad thing. We know they were about as it was reported that the chief hater Roy Hattersley was in the village putting up a Christmas tree.
    Did the Picnic in the Park have any effect?
    We proved again that we are not going to go away, that we are law-abiding, we have a right to be there, we are organized and we are serious. We are still showing restraint but for how much longer I am not sure and with participants from allover the country we are demonstrating that this is a national issue and not just about the Peaks.
    Did it have an effect? Our website went down on Sunday afternoon /evening through overuse. Was it our members trying to get news or the Anti’s trying to stop us talking about it? You decide.
    A big thank you to PDVUG for its organisation and to all those riders and drivers that gave up their time.

    Mike Irving
    Communications Director TRF