Pictures from my solo world tour on a KLR

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    I'd like to share a few photos with you from my solo world tour -

    I don't know how to add pictures on here so here is a link to the FB page:

    I started roaming in the summer of 2010 after my mother beat cancer, so the purpose of the trip is to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, (and to ride the world of course :). To date, I have roamed 8 months through the U.S. and the same in Europe, where the bike now waits for some $ in the bank for the Asian adventure with 36,000 miles on the clock.

    It has been an incredible journey: I'm a student at UM so money is tight, (100% of donations go to ACS), so I ride in a minimalist way; soft luggage, basic set-up, camping where the day takes me. From blizzards, to week-long downpours and 110 degree heat, from loosing brakes, to electrical shorts mid ride, to crashing countless times, and once (more than just a little) in Spain where I was taken in by a self-sufficient alternative community while repairing the bike - I'd like to share my journey with you all.

    This is my chance for moto-journalism, so on the website I keep a journal and on The Pegasus Project Facebook page I keep the photos - Please visit and "like" it if you like what you see; I am in the process of contacting potential sponsors and it helps to spread the word. Many tanks and enjoy.