Pittsfield, Beartown, October Mountain - off road in Western MA

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    My "Dirt Bike" had been street registered for 5 yrs when the state put in the ORV sticker rule. Even though you can not register a vehicle in MA until the sales tax is paid I needed a Hard Copy of an ST-9 form to Prove I paid it. Now that I jumped through all the hoops it's easy to renew.

    It's way harder to Street Register a KDX than get an ORV stickers. I think I committed a felony or two with the documentation I provided to street register it!
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    I finally got a chance to call Springfield today. The woman I talked to was very pleasant.
    She stated all I will need is:
    Mass Reg and titling form
    Form ST-6E which is the sales tax exempt form since my bike is registered in CT and sales tax was paid when it was registered
    A copy of my receipt from the DMV showing I paid sales tax
    A copy of my CT registration in place of a Bill of Sale
    A check for $33

    If that ends up being all that is needed then that's a small price to pay, imo. The forms are pretty straight forward.
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    Sounds like it'd be about the same deal coming from Vermont as the sales tax was paid upon registration. I still owe the bank for the bike so I don't have a title and no idea where the receipt for the paid sales tax is. But in Vermont, it can't be registered without paying the sales tax, so...

    Still looks relatively easy. I have family in Williamstown making this a good area to explore.