Planing a Motorbike-Tour from India to Germany - What to consider?

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    Apr 15, 2013

    So I am planning a trip from India to Germany (most likely: [pos. Nepal to buy a bike] - India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Turkey-…-Germany) – approx. 7000 km (see Picture for Approximate route).

    Picture of Route

    I currently live in Seoul, Korea and will return to Germany in 2 Months. I have previously done an extensive Bike tour in Europe but I don’t think that it can be compared to the one I am planning to do… - no gas stations, workshops, spare parts, English, and not to forget about the visas!!!!!

    The problem is that I will need to buy a motorcycle (my bike at home is not made for this kind of tour – Ducati :). As I found out its apparently is very hard to legally buy a motorcycle in India (one needs to be a legal resident there) and it can be done illegally in someone else’s name but I think that might be a bad idea in respect to all the boarder crossings… But apparently in Nepal I could legally buy a bike and get all the required paperwork filled out (carnet de passage, insurance …)

    I also found out that apparently most overlanders avoid Afghanistan but then again Pakistan - Iran border area is now fraught with danger as the Baluchis are kidnapping travellers for ransom - in March two young Czech women were taken from a bus by armed men and have not been heard of since… - is there some real danger of that happening (or is it like with plane crashes)?

    Now to my questions:

    Is my research correct?

    Will I have to get a new insurance policy in every country I visit?

    I know Germany for example has some very strict rules on the amount of pollution, noise ect. Will this be a problem when going into Europe?

    What bike would you recommend (I am really not planning to ride it in Europe after the trip) - 175 Honda twin , Kawasaki 150 or 250 road/trail?

    Has anyone of you done anything similar – if yes please give me some advice?

    Also how long do you think this will take me (aprox.)?

    What else do I have to consider?

    If I go through with it I will def. share my story on advrider!!!

    Thanks a lot in advance!