Planning a trip to South France

Discussion in 'EMEA' started by MacR, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Oct 9, 2012
    Good afternoon everyone,

    I am hoping to plan a trip for South France this coming June and wanted to share my plans and info so that some of you might chime in with advice and suggestions.

    First off, I will only be 24 years of age at the time of the trip. I'm assuming this will cause an issue with insurance?

    The initial plans for the trip is to rent a bike in Nice, France; the travels would take me through Monaco, Milan, IT, Geneve, and up to Paris (where I would drop off the bike, if possible). Then I plan on taking the rails elsewhere. How does this sound on a cost-basis level? Is a one-way trip a big issue?

    From what I've gathered, I'll need an international drivers license, insurance, and a whole lot of spending cash. :freaky

    Can you guys give me any advice on the best places to rent, the easiest people to work with, what I need to do/get, or how I might change my trip to save some cash? I've been doing some research for the past couple of weeks and I'm still a little confused. I have yet to reach out to anyone.

    Thanks much!!
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    I've never rented a bike in France (or elsewhere), what follows are just assumptions. I would suppose it's going to be more expensive the younger you are, regarding insurance. I think the bike will come with insurance, you probably won't have to get that separately (check with the company you're renting from).
    Paris isn't all that awesome, so except if you specifically want to see it, it could be skipped.
    Dropping off the bike someplace else from where you got it, if possible, is going to be much more expensive. I'd look into renting a bike somewhere and planning a loop starting and ending there.
    Pretty much all of France is beautiful so you can't go very wrong :)
    What are you looking for, lots of riding and nature, camping, or hostels/hotels and city visits? Or both?
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    Fly round trip into and out of Paris to get a much cheaper airline ticket. Use some of the savings to rent and return to Paris. Rental in France is expensive. It is usually cheaper in Germany, but I didn'tsee that on your itinerary.

    How/why you are travelling is important: camps or hotels, scenic routes or quick runs between destinations? What kind of hotels? Costs vary significantly, but June is high season. Consider May.

    That's a lot of geography to cover in a month. Bih highways have tolls that easily run more than 100 euros/day, but they are much faster and offer less to see as you ride. Fuel on the highways it much more expensive, too.

    My Suggestions:
    FIRST - Find a place to rent a bike and begin your trip there. It may exist, but I have never seen one-way bike rental in Europe. Smaller niekls are cheaper than big bikes.
    Second - Go to and plan a route. Check the boxes for Motorcycle and Avoid Tollways and your route type (scenic, fastest, etc), then let it route you between your areas of interest to get a feeling for the times and distances involved.
    Third - Keep at the planning of your routes and while it's pretty accurate, realize that it's likley you will take more time than the Michelin site suggests. That adds to more money for fuel and hotels and food, but keep at until some plan fits your budget. You can even input the time of year you will be travelling - it will assist aand accommodate for traffic, etc.
    Fourth - Throw in some more money for contingencies and throw in some more time just in case.
    Fifth - Go have a good time and if you don't make part of your route some day, make up for it or change it the next day.
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    Nice, France

    Try with this company BIKE TRIP, a motorcycles rental company located in the South of France, in the Nice area. It should be ok regarding the insurance termes.

    They can organize an one-way trip between Nice and Paris. Largest choice of BMW: K1600/ R1200 GS /RT / F700/800 GS. They also organize guided tours. Good location also to start a motorbike trip in Italy (Dolomites), in Corsica or France (Alps, Provence or everywhere else).

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