Poker Run: CANTER Mid-Atlantic "Harleys for Horses"

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    Hey folks,

    If anyone is interested, CANTER Mid-Atlantic, who helps off-track racehorses find new homes and new careers after they are done racing, is hosting a poker run on 9/10/11 starting in Charles Town, WV and ending up in Boyce, VA. Signup information can be found here:

    All vehicles welcome :=)

    We were up at our small animal Vet's party and the rep asked my wife "Do you know anyone who rides motorcycles..." Hah.

    This is an awesome and fun opportunity to help protect and fund the mission of a bunch of incredible people who preserve the animals of our heritage; helping the creatures who helped us build history, explore the unexplored, and conquer nations and mountains.

    The greatest moments in human history were witnessed from and resulted from the sweat and diligence of the Horse. Still today, retired racehorses explore the wilderness, endurance ride, jump, and carry around children. Still today they remain the most versatile means of transportation for search and rescue and are relied upon all over the country for that task.

    If your weekend's free, sign up :)