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    Dec 10, 2007
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    ...Withlacoochee River Madison county Florida today after installing the carb that was rebuilt this week.
    I picked the bike up a little over a month ago and started having carb issues after owning it for a couple weeks so I rebuilt the carb and was anxious to get out and see how it went.

    so I hit the refueling station and took it for a 50 mile or so ride on slab to see if the surging was still present, overall its better but still surges a bit. The bogging is gone, instant throttle on tap!
    After the slab ride I decided to hit some trails nearby so this...
    turned into this....
    and then a game of peek a boo ensued...

    overall it was a good ride and I came to the conclusion that I may need to do a tad more tweaking but she is pretty much ready to ride again!