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    Looking for hardware recommendations to hardwire, mount and protect my iPhone 6 on my CRF250X for use as a GPS. I've been all over the threads here, on ThumperTalk and Google and I'm not not satisfied with what I've fount yet. I ride mostly single track, much of it whooped out.

    - Mount: Very solid and secure. So far, the X-Grip reinforced with heavy-duty velcro on case and mount sounds like the best option.

    - Wipeout and weatherproof case that'll work with the mount. Needs to remain weatherproof with a charging cable plugged in. It doesn't need to be able to survive submersion, but a hard and steady downpour. Rain doesn't usually deter me, and it shouldn't deter the phone either. Also, the charging cable can't jiggle/wiggle loose by the bumps.

    - Hardwiring from my battery that'll be as weatherproof and jiggle/wiggle proof as above.
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    Have you checked out "SlipGrip"? They make excellent cases for most iPhones with a LifeProof or Otter case (I prefer the LifeProof Nuud - it has worked flawlessly. I would not stress over needing the capability to charge it during wet weather, practical experience has shown that you would rarely ever not get a 1-2 hour period of time that you would not have rain and could charge it then. Worst case scenario, you can charge from a portable power source located in a waterproof pocket or luggage.
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    The most secure mount out there is the Perfect Squeeze.

    For waterproof cases, there are several out there--you just have to Google it. But, the lightning port is not waterproof and I'm not aware of any way to make it waterproof. As soon as you open the waterproof case to plug in the lightning cable you've compromised the case. But as @scootertrog pointed out, you really don't need to keep your phone plugged in while it's raining or while riding in the mud. When conditions get wet, simply unplug your phone, seal up the case, and ride. You can recharge it later when the battery gets low.

    On jiggleproofing the power connector from the battery, that's up to you and your wire ties. Just make sure that you step down the voltage to 5V. You can use THIS or a similar device.

    Also, look into reinforced lightning cables like THIS one.
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    Get a secure mount and waterproof case all in one, AND have a waterproof connection even with the lightening cable.


    You're welcome.