Project GSPD go again, an epic rebuild

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    Jan 9, 2004
    Directly below Croatia [Nevada]
    Hmm..can't post picts yet, so this is going to be a literary adventure first.

    On the way to Spokane, WA, rally this year I managed to leave the automatically-retracting sidestand down on my 1993 gspd. (The bike had a kit on it that over-rid the self-retracting feature). IF YOU HAVE ONE< KILL IT KILL IT! At 65 miles per hour, I took a gentle left hander, and felt something terribly wrong happening way, way too late. Suddenly, the bike would not lean to the left because the sidestand was down! I hit the deck going 60+. Ambulance ride, hospital, upset relatives, and lotsa stitches later--I'm getting back to normal.
    Was I wearing gear? Shoei performed magnificently, 90.00 Joe Rocket Mesh jacket performed valiantly, 350.00 Aerostich Darien pants exploded at the zipper and failed completely.
    For the first time in my 10 year riding career, I considered (albiet briefly) hanging up the saddle. It is not a fun feeling to wake up several nights in a row re-living an accident. And most mortifying, I seemed to have proven my relatives right, I drive a "death-machine." But bah, now, the project begins...

    First, sell the extraneous material to fund the project: one KLX400r, some aerostich stuff, supermoto wheels, etc.

    (did I have insurance you ask?--I had cancelled my full coverage insurance two weeks earlier to save about $140.00 per year :deal and gone with liability insurance) Does someone out there not like me? :lol3

    Second, buy a bike to commute on while the GS is under the knife: 2000 Suz sv650 with 273 miles on it --plus, my wife can ride it! (who buys a bike and rides it for 273 miles in four years???)

    (gah, I can't upload picts???)--I'll follow this up with picts when the system is fixed.

    The following were damaged beyond repair or destroyed altogether:

    Left/right crashbar
    Rear subframe
    Roo Bar
    my ego
    Left valve cover
    front and rear tires
    front engine mount
    evil sidestand of death
    handlebars (actually, it would be useable as an ape-hanger on a Harley)
    left controls
    both side handguards
    lights, blinkers, and stuff that doesn't cost much
    Touratech boxes on both sides were smashed way beyond fixing, one was flat!
    My digital camera (well, my wife's digital camera, but she took it with aplomb)
    Jesse rear box
    Rear rack

    The following were injured, bur repairable:

    Tank (it came off and slid about 40 feet)
    The Seat bounced for a bit
    My left knee, right knee, left elbow, right elbow, my sense of mortality
    One expensive Garmin product that was "less than new" Emap 176c
    Piaa Headlamps
    right valve cover

    No more posts until we can upload picts again.

    Frame off to the powdercoater, after I located a new subframe.

    Perks of being a high school teacher--auto tech class will have a "project" to paint (all the damaged bodywork). What's another word for free labor? Oh yeah, "teenager."

    More to follow

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    Dec 20, 2002
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    I had just picked up my PD from BMW motorrad in St. Louis and was working my way south when I ran into a similar problem with much less costly consequences. My bike has a Luftmeister (?) stand that does not retract and I was not used to that since all my previous GS's had the stock stand. I stopped at a gas station and took a right turn out of the lot, went accross the highway and went to take a left onto the interstate when the grinding noise began and the bike hit max lean angle. I had no idea what was happening but was able to straighten up without going off the road. I pulled onto the shoulder, looking at the front wheel and when I went to put the side stand down I realized it was already extended. Needless to say I felt like an idiot and moved on down the road. It did happen a few times after that but I unfortunately perfected a technique where I could stand the bike up quickly, pull in the stand, and then get back into the turn. Never have done this at more than 20 mph though......

    Sorry to hear about the bike and you.
  3. Ostrich

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    Jun 23, 2002
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    Are you recovering okay? Sorry to hear about the banged up bike. :(:
  4. dragoon

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    Feb 24, 2003
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    :yikes What a feeling that must have been.

    What made you put that feature on your bike? :ear

    Glad you are recovering and still going to ride :thumb
  5. Infracaninophile

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    Sep 27, 2001
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    Two Wheels:

    I got a pair of functional valve covers from my 93 PD sitting on my toolbench. Both have nicks and shit but are functional. I replaced them with these cool heavy-duty ones that San Jose BMW sells. Will make you a killer deal on 1 or 2. They are black and the newer style.

  6. twowheels

    twowheels Leaving Children behind

    Jan 9, 2004
    Directly below Croatia [Nevada]
    I didn't put the anti-retracting feature on the bike; it was that way when I bought it. Several times I'd scratched the stand when taking off from a start, and it has flipped back and retracted. It was just a bad outcome. I'm healing fine. Only one knee (the failed aerostich Darien knee) is still scabby and unhappy (10 weeks later).

    Going to upload picts tonight. See the rebuild